UBA USSD Transfer Code (USSD to Send money to UBA and others).

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Do you need to transfer money from your UBA account? While there are several ways to do so, UBA’s mobile transfer code is the quickest and easiest method. Whether you want to transfer funds to another UBA account or a different bank, this code allows for stress-free transactions.

UBA Transfer Code (USSD to Send money to UBA and others).

Many people have questions about money transfers from UBA, such as “What is the UBA money transfer code?” or “How can I send money from my UBA account?” In this post, we’ll provide answers to all of your queries, covering various methods including USSD codes and the UBA app.

Features of UBA Transfer USSD Codes 

Here are the features that make this service  convenient:

  1. Speed: With the UBA transfer USSD code, you can instantly transfer money from your account to another UBA account.
  2. Easy to use: Simply dial *919# on your mobile phone and follow the instructions to transfer money.
  3. Accessibility: You can use UBA transfer USSD codes 24/7, from anywhere in the world.
  4. Security: This service is very secure and you can rest assured that your money is safe when you use the UBA transfer USSD code. 
  5. No Internet connection required: You do not need an Internet connection to use the UBA transfer USSD code. All you need is a cell phone.
  6. For all UBA customers: Any UBA customer can use this service, regardless of their account balance. 
  7. Affordable price: UBA transfer USSD codes are affordable, and transfer fees are lower than other transfer options.
  8. Many transfer options: Customers can choose from a variety of transfer options, including transfers to UBA accounts, transfers to accounts at other banks, and transfers to mobile wallets.
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With the UBA USSD transfer code, sending money has never been easier. As a UBA customer, you can take advantage of this convenient and affordable service today.

How to Activate UBA Transfer Codes on your mobile number.

Activating the UBA transfer code on your phone is easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Dial *919# using the phone number associated with your UBA Bank account.
  2. Accept the UBA mobile banking terms by selecting “Accept.”
  3. Choose to sign up for the UBA USSD code or “Change PIN” option.
  4. Register with either a NUBAN account number or a UBA prepaid option.
  5. If you’re a UBA prepaid customer, select “Prepaid with PIN.” 
  6. If you’re a regular customer, select “Account with PIN.”
  7. Enter your UBA account number or prepaid number.
  8. Create a 4-digit PIN for your UBA mobile banking, which will authorize transactions.
  9. Enter and confirm your PIN again to complete the USSD registration.

That’s it! Now that your UBA transfer code is activated, you can fund any bank account using it.

UBA Transfer Codes

Transactions    Transfer Codes
Send Money to the UBA Account *919*3*Account Number*Amount#
Send Money to Other Banks *919*4*Account Number*Amount#
Send Money to Microfinance Banks, Fintechs & other Financial Institutions *919*6#
Send Money to UBA Prepaid Card *919*32#

How to Transfer Money from UBA to UBA/Other Banks Using The Transfer Code.

Transferring money using UBA Transfer USSD Codes is as easy as the ones you have been doing. Follow the simple steps below to do it.

1.. Dial transfer code UBA: To get started, simply dial *919# and select the “transfer” option.

  1. Choose account type: Choose the type of account you want to transfer from, whether it’s a checking account, savings account, or another type of account.
  2. Select receiving bank: Select the bank you want to transfer to from the list of available banks.
  3. Enter recipient account number: Enter the recipient account number carefully to avoid confusion.
  4. Confirm recipient information: Before continuing, UBA will display the account holder’s name to confirm whether it is correct or not. 
  5. Enter the amount you want to transfer: Enter the amount you want to transfer and check for errors.
  6. Enter your 4-digit PIN: To complete the transfer, enter your PIN to authorize the transaction.
  7. Wait for confirmation: Once the transaction is complete, UBA will display a confirmation message that your transfer was successful.
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For example:

If you want to transfer N10,000 to a friend who does business with First Bank, simply dial *919#, select “transfer”, then select your account type, select First Bank as the receiving bank, enter the number friend’s account, confirm the details displayed, enter the amount of N10,000, enter your PIN and wait for confirmation that the transfer was successful.

Remember that you can only transfer a maximum of 100,000 Naira per day using the UBA transfer code. Also, make sure your account has enough funds to avoid unsuccessful transactions.

How to Transfer Money From UBA to UBA/Other Banks Via Mobile App

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to transfer money from UBA to another UBA/bank via mobile app:

  1. Download and install the UBA mobile app: You can download and install the UBA mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. log in to your UBA mobile app: Once you have downloaded and installed the UBA mobile app, log in to your account using your UBA account number and password.
  3. Select “Transfer money”: After logging in to your UBA Mobile App account, select “Transfer Money” from the dashboard.
  4. Choose transfer method: By clicking “Transfer”, select the type of transfer you want to make, “UBA Transfer” or “Other Bank”.
  5. Fill out the transfer form: After selecting the transfer type, complete the transfer form, including the recipient’s account details and the amount to transfer.
  6. Check transfer information: Check transfer details for accuracy.
  7. Enter transaction password/PIN: You will be prompted to enter your transaction password or PIN. Enter the correct information before continuing.
  8. Complete transfer: Click “Send” and your transfer will be processed and completed successfully.
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For example, 

If you want to transfer money from your UBA account to your GTBank account, select “Other banks” in the Transfer tab. Fill in the necessary details, including the account name, account number, and recipient’s bank. Once completed, review the details and enter your transaction password before sending the transfer.


The maximum daily transfer limit on the UBA mobile app is N1,000,000 for UBA accounts and N500,000 for other banks.

FAQs on UBA Transfer Code (USSD to Send money to UBA and others).

1. What is the UBA transfer code?

 UBA Transfer Code is a USSD code that allows UBA customers to easily send money from their UBA account to other banks or UBA accounts in Nigeria.

2. How to activate  UBA transfer code?  

To activate the UBA transfer code, dial *919# on your registered UBA mobile number, select “transfer” and follow the on-screen instructions. You will need to create a PIN for authorization.

3. Can I use the UBA transfer code to send money to another bank?

Yes, UBA customers can send money to other banks using transfer codes. Simply dial *919# on your registered UBA mobile number, select ‘transfer’, select the bank you want to transfer to, enter the recipient’s account number, enter the amount, and confirm the transaction.

4. Is there a daily limit on the amount I can transfer using the UBA transfer code?

Yes, there is a daily limit on the amount you can transfer using the UBA transfer code. The limit is set at 1,000,000 NGN. However, each bank may have its transfer limits for security reasons.

5. How secure is the UBA transfer code?

UBA transfer code is very safe. It requires a PIN for authorization, and all transactions are encrypted to protect your personal and financial information. However, it’s important to keep your code secret and never share it with anyone.


UBA Transfer Code is a fast, secure, and convenient way for UBA customers to send money to other UBA banks or accounts in Nigeria. UBA customers must activate and use this code for smooth transactions.

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