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6 Best Tips to Survive the Heat at Home (Without Wasting Energy)

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Nigeria, ​​the middle of July, dinner time and the thermostat in my house reads 32ºC. I imagine that half the country is desperate with the heat wave that is visiting us … it is unbearable. Let’s see if he deigns to go back the way he came, because it gives me the feeling that I live submerged in a real sauna. If you do not have air conditioning or do not want / can afford that expense, here are 6 tips to survive the heat at home without wasting energy .

1. Eat light

Salads, fruits and gazpacho should reign on your table these days. Large meals will require more energy to be digested by your body, which translates into an increase in your body temperature. To cope with these months, it is essential to take fruits and vegetables in season , since they will provide you with extra hydration: watermelon, for example, contains 90% water; nature is wise … listen to her. Here are the recommended food lists for this month of July and August . This ice cream lolly recipe may  also suit you.

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tips to survive the heat at home without wasting energy

Image: Organicus

2. Drink water and fluids frequently

Don’t wait to be thirsty! Always have a glass of water on hand. The ideal for this time of year is to drink at least 2 liters a day . Now, keep in mind that, when you sweat, you not only lose this liquid, but also minerals, so to maintain hydration and survive the heat, it may be more useful to mix water with some fruit. In fact, water alone does not prevent dehydration. I leave you two ideas: one with a touch of lemon and another with watermelon . In addition, you should avoid beverages with caffeine and alcohol, since these substances have a certain diuretic effect, causing your body to excrete more liquid and, therefore, dehydrate earlier.

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3. Blessed fan

How many lives should this object save per year? Ok, maybe not many, but it is the hand of a saint to alleviate the feeling of heat for a while. A tip: fill a container with ice cubes from the freezer and fan yourself next to it to feel cooler. This can also be done by leaving the bowl in front of the blades of a fan, but here you will use up some energy.

tips to survive the heat at home without wasting energy

Image: Organicus

4. Prepare your home

Close all blinds during the day to keep your home cooler. You can also try hanging wet towels on open windows or doors to keep the air cooler. Also disconnect all electrical appliances that are not in use: they waste energy and emit heat.

5. Take a warm shower!

If you bathe with cold water you can notice an instant relief, but when you get out of the shower, due to the temperature contrast, you will notice the heat much earlier. Ideally, use warm water , as it will help reduce body temperature.

tips to survive the heat at home without wasting energy

Image: Organicus

6. Don’t despair at night

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At bedtime, use cotton sheets , since this fabric facilitates perspiration. As for the pajamas, I directly practice nudism and, on the nightstand, I have a spray with water that I use to spray myself before going to sleep. Another idea: take a bag of peas from the freezer (or similar) and run it on the sheets, as if it were a thermal bag, before going to bed; It is not a panacea, but it can at least help you sleep. If you sleep with your partner, send it to the other end of the mattress, and of course, if you have a terrace or balcony , sleep outdoors, as if you were camping. It’s a desperate measure, but it works.

I hope this article helps you to endure a little more this summer… I also take this opportunity to say goodbye and wish you GOOD HOLIDAYS . I’m going to hide in the shade until the rains and the chill return, like a snail. 

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