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How To Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number Verification 2022

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Are you looking for a guide on how to Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number Verification? Nowadays everyone needs an email account for smartphones and receiving important emails.

But If we need more than one email ID then we need more phone numbers. Because of creating emails, we have to verify the phone number and with one number we can create maximum of 2-3 accounts.

How to create Gmail account without phone number verification

So here I will show you the easiest method to create a Gmail without phone number verification. Just follow all steps and do it exactly then you can create an unlimited Gmail account without a phone number.

I created a 6 minutes video on how to achieve this. Below is the video tutorial on how to create gmail account that doesn’t need phone number for verification.

Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number

Android Devices Method

1. First, you need an Android device, or you can use Bluestacks on your PC.

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2. Open the device and Tap on the “setting” and then click Account Option, tap on Add Account >Select Google or Gmail.

Create gmail account without phone number

3. Now click “Create A New Account. On the next page enter your first name and last name then click Next.

4. Next,  enter your basic information Like DOB, gender, etc., and click Next. After that, you need to set up your email I’d so enter your desired unique email username and click next.

5. It is a very important part, In this step ask you to enter your phone number. If you don’t like to provide a phone number just click the Skip button.

skip gmail number verifiy

6. It is the last step, Google asks you for your payment details, but no need to enter just click “Remind me later” and click next and you are done.

Do all of these steps again, and again and you can create an unlimited Gmail account without phone number verification.

Note: After successfully creating a Gmail account you must set a recovery email address otherwise after 2-3 days google will ask you to enter your phone number.

How to Setup Recovery Option

  • For setup recovery email login to your account
  • go to My account
  • On “Security Checkup” click  “Get Started
  • set your recovery email and you are done.

Laptop or PC Chrome Browser Method

To Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number, you have to install google chrome. If you already have it on your PC or Laptop then follow the steps.

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1. Install or open your google chrome browser on your PC and go to the setting page of your Chrome browser. There, you can see the Sign into Chrome tab. if you already sign in there, Then just sign out there.

Create unlimited gmail on pc

2. Again click on the sign in to chrome option and create a new account there

create gmail on chrome

3.  Now a popup Sign Up page will be open there, click on the More Option and click Create new Account for creating a Gmail account.

find my accoung on chrome

4. To create a new Gmail account. On the page type your name and click Next. Again enter your DOB and gender and click next.

5. This time set up your username or Gmail id and click next, now enter your password and click Next. Now Google will ask you to verify your phone number. Don’t worry about any need to enter your phone number, just click the skip button, and you are done.

6. Next just accept their TOC and your account is ready.

Note: If The above method is not working then Please try these VPNs to create a Gmail account and it is going to work without the use of phone verification.

SMS-man offers a virtual phone number to create multiple Gmail accounts

Are you looking for a way to create a Gmail account without giving your real phone number? Well, look no further than SMS-man!

SMS-man is the best way to get a virtual phone number in order to create a Gmail account. Simply sign up for an account on their website –, and you’ll be able to create as many Gmail addresses as you want, all without needing to give out your own personal phone number. This company offers virtual phone numbers that you can use to create multiple Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Protonmail, etc. With a virtual phone number, you can create an unlimited online account for any site or application without a SIM card. How to use a virtual phone number to create a Gmail account you can be read in this article.

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One Gmail to Convert Unlimited Gmail address

By this method, you can create an unlimited Emails address with just one email account. So “How is it possible?

Yes, It is possible, you can create an unlimited email with the same email by the “+”(plus symbol) method and DOT trick. Check here:

“+” Method:

  • ( Your Main email )
  • (Your 2nd Email)

*You can type what you want, and there’s no limit on how many emails are created ???? e.g., (mail+1, mail+djsfsdf, mail+00). Works with all emails service ( Gmail, Yahoo, live..)

DOT Trick:

It is also the same method as the Plus method. But It is working only on Gmail account. So how does it work?

  • (primary email)
  • (2nd email)
  • (3rd mail)


Hope you like these amazing methods on how to Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number verification or you create unlimited email ids with a single phone. If you have any queries, please leave them in the comment section. However, We will try our best to resolve your problem as soon as possible. Please share if you like these methods.

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