Easemoni Loan – USSD code, Interest Rate And Repayment

Easemoni Loan - USSD code, Interest Rate And Repayment

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Securing a loan through the Easimoni platform has been made simpler through the introduction of the Easimoni USSD code which can now be accessed by everyone with whatever smartphone and despite data connection. 

Easemoni Loan - USSD code, Interest Rate And Repayment

The Easimoni Loan app has been made more comfortable with the introduction of ussd code to apply for loans. If you are in urgent need of money then dive into this post to get all the information related to the  Easemoni loan – USSD code, interest rate, and repayment plan to help you successfully secure a loan now. 

What is an Easimoni Loan? 

Easimoni is amongst the popular loan apps in Nigeria that offers loans to individuals on a very low and relatable interest rate when compared to other loan apps they are licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria as they run under the Blue Ridge microfinance company and therefore makes it safe and legit to use.

Easimoni provides market-competitive credit loan and consumer financial services in Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia, and other places, and meet people’s needs with safe and efficient products and services. 

Easimoni Loan is a financial service provider that enables individuals, business owners, and other categories of people to lend money from the Easimoni platform in a no-hassle manner, with not many requirements such as going to their office or banks to lend the money directly and other factors. 

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Overview Of The Easimoni Loan

Easimoni Loan USSD

Easimoni loan has been made more accessible and available through the USSD code feature whereby borrowers can go ahead to lend money by just dialing the USSD code on their phone’s keyboard and applying for a loan.

The Easimoni loan USSD CODE is *347*334#

Through the above Easimoni loan ussd code, you can access payday loans, business loans, personal loans, and loan repayment services without an internet connection.

Dial the USSD CODE, pick the loan option, follow the onscreen prompt, and ensure to read the instructions while navigating through the options before applying for a specific loan.

Important – when dialing the code ensure the number used to dial the code is linked to your BVN and a bank account because if not then your loan application will not be approved. 

Easimoni interest rate

 Easemoni has helped improve quality of life through financial services by providing flexible loans with dynamic interest rates to meet customer’s needs. 

 The interest rate for Easemoni loan ranges between 5% to 10% monthly. (APR 60% to 120) depending on your credit evaluation. For instance, 91-day loan payment terms have an interest fee of 5% per month.

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For a loan that was processed with a principal amount of ₦3,000, the monthly interest would be between ₦150 and ₦300 Basically, this means that the total amount outstanding would be ₦3,150 or ₦3,300.

Easimoni Repayment 

Easimoni repayment is an easy process and should be done in due time to keep your credit score on a very good record track. 

Easemoni requires you to commence the repayment of your loan from 91 to 365 days which means that you get a grace period of roughly 3 months. 

Take note that your loan tenure may vary depending on the amount of money you borrowed

The steps or methods to repaying your loan include;

  1. Easimoni App – The Easimoni app has all the features to help you navigate to the repayment option to repay your loan.This is one of the ways to repay by simply logging into your account and following the prompt to initiate payment through any desired method.
  1. .Through Linked Bank Account – Easimoni deducts the agreed specified repayment money from your linked bank account in an auto repayment form and this is done automatically after you have set it up to be so. This is a very stress-free process and helps you keep to the repayment date.
  2. Transfer From Bank – You can initiate a bank transfer of the repayment amount to the Easimoni account provided to you and ensure you include your loan reference number to avoid issues.
  3. USSD Code – Without an internet connection, ensure to dial the USSD code and repay the loan following the onscreen prompt in a very convenient manner.


1. Requirements To Apply For Easimoni Loan

One of the distinguishable and attractive parts of Easimoni is that no collateral is required however there are other information which will be required of you to provide in your application such as;

  • Your full name
  • Residential address
  • Occupation
  • BVN
  • Have a valid bank account 
  • Have a stable connection while using the app
  • Use your details and not someone else’s. 
  • Phone number
  • Passport
  • NIN
  • You must be 18 years and above
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2. How much can one borrow on Easimoni 

If you are new to Easimoni, you can borrow up to 10,000 but has your credit score keeps progressing and other factors being considered then you can apply for a loan of up to 1,000,000 naira

3. How to Cancel A Loan

Once you’ve been granted a loan on Easimoni and you decide to cancel it then ensure to do so within 24 hours of the reimbursement made to your account which means you get to repay only the principal amount without interest but failure to do so means that you would pay the interest for Easimoni interest reads daily after 24 hours of reimbursement. You can also contact the customer care service representative for more info.

4. How to apply for an Easimoni loan

  • Through The App – Open the Easemoni mobile app where you will be taken to a registration page for you to fill out and complete to authenticate your identity.After successful registration and your identity is confirmed you can proceed to select a loan amount and apply now.  Once your loan has been approved it will be reimbursed into your linked bank account which you wish to receive.
  • Through USSD – All you have to do here is to dial the ussd code using the phone number linked to your bank account and BVN and follow the displayed instructions leading to applying for a loan amount. 

5.  EaseMoni Custumer Care Contact

Address: 60 Adeniyi Jones Ave, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria: Customer Service Email: Customer Service Hotline: +234 9087614150. WhatsApp +234 8073634739

Conclusion On Easemoni Loan – USSD Code, Interest Rate And Repayment 

Easimoni has paved the way for customers to borrow loans in a very convenient manner through the USSD and App. Customers need to borrow loans that they are capable of repaying so as not to be termed defaulters and other actions are taken against them.

However, through the simplicity of the Easimoni loan, customers can go ahead and apply for loans taking into consideration all the detailed information provided above. 

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