How To Create A Free Website in 2022 (11 Best Methods)

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Today on Ayomikun Abraham’s Blog, we shall discuss how to create a free website in 2022 with the 11 best methods that works.

What is a Website?

A website can be defined as a group of pages and other Internet tools that are posted on the Internet and usually has a url that you can use to access it. Popular websites include, and

What is Domain?

A domain is a name that is used to identify the url. They are of two major types; a custom domain name and a hosted sub domain.

A custom domain is the one that is bought by premium users while a hosted sub domain is usually hosted under a custom domain name and is mostly free. See examples below.

Custom domain –

Sub domain –

The 11 Best Methods on How To Create a Free Website

Almost every one is using the internet now and therefore almost everyone wants to have a website. To build a website may be costly but there are other alternatives even for free. We shall be looking at 11 best alternatives.

1. How To Create A Free Website using WordPress

How to create a free website
Pen. glasses and computer keyboard with a red button written with WordPress.

WordPress is one of the best methods in creating a free website. It is very straightforward to use and no prior programing language is needed. It uses a drag and drop interface to make it easier for beginners. It is free to use but you can always upgrade to the business plan as time goes on.

To begin to use WordPress you need to create an account. To create an account, go to their website You need an email to register. When you input your email, they will send a verification link to your email so that you will be able to verify your email. After you verify your account, you will need to set it up. You will be required to choose a domain name. A free hosted sub domain will be assigned to you. If you want a custom domain, you will have to pay.

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2. How To Create A Free Website using Blogger

How To Create A Free Website using Blogger

Almost every blogger usually starts with blogger. They are known for their (.blogspot) domain. It is owned by Google which ensures stability. It is very easy to use for newbies.

To start you have to go to Then you need to sign in to your Google account. If you don’t have one you will be asked to create one. After you sign in, click on the create blog. After that you just set it up and customize it as you want. Note that free domain is also a hosted sub domain.

3. How To Create A Free Website using Wix

How To Create A Free Website using Wix

It is a conventional website building website. They are under going a lot of publicity via Google and YouTube ads. They are not fancy but they remain one of the trusted out there.

It is easy to setup. First of all you need to create account on wix. One major fault is that it is not flexible in customization. But when it comes to seo they are one of the best. Their free mode comes with a (.wix) sub domain.

But if you use a paid version you will have additional storage that you can use to upload your photos. It is also ad free which will make it easier for your readers. It is so the best for mobile responsive.

4. How To Create A Free Website using Weebly

How To Create A Free Website using Weebly

Weebly is also a free to use websites design website. You can set up a website in less than eight minutes. It also uses a drag and drop technology that allows you to select the best theme. When it comes to e Commerce it is very nice because it has plug-ins like shopify.

To register go to They will ask you if you want a website or an online store. After you choose you will be taken to a registration page where you will be asked to fill in your details.

The only disadvantage of the free platform is that the customer care support is poor.

5. How To Create A Free Website using Google Sites

How To Create A Free Website using Google site

Like blogger, Google sites is owned by Google, hence their reliability is assured. It is also the best when it comes to building an online portfolio. You can also link it with all your Google accounts. It will help you when you want to apply for online jobs. It will help companies easily access your CV.

To begin to use Google sites. Go to You will have to sign in to your Google account. If you do not have one, you can create one.

After you have signed in go ahead and click the start your site button. After that go ahead and begin customization. Google site does not have a custom domain option. It has good SEO and provides maximum security.

6. How To Create A Free Website using Site123

Site123 Website Builder

It is of the easiest to use among all the other platforms. It does not require any knowledge on programming language. It also provides drag and drop features. They also offer one gigabyte bandwidth and five hundred megabytes storage space. They also have awesome customer care that respond fast.

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To start is very simple. If you have you wix before, you will find using site123 very easy. Once you arrive at the website click on the start here button and fill in the necessary details like your business name and your preferred domain name. After this select the free plan option and use the drag and drop option. After the customization, you are good to go.

The paid plan offers more storage and an online store option.

7. How To Create A Free Website using Website Builder

This is another way to create a free website for yourself. It’s main focus is the restaurant industry therefore it is mostly used by restaurant managers. It is made for people with no knowledge on programming at all. It has many themes as well as a drag and drop feature.

To use this platform visit and click on get started. This will take you to a page where the plans are displayed. Click on the free plan option. Enter all the information of your website and begin to customize it. After that your website is ready.

Although it is a free plan it has many features but the paid plan has better features like custom domain, lack of ads, flexibility and better storage and bandwidth.

8. How To Create A Free Website using Webstarts

Many experts have voted this platform as the best to use. The free version comes with cool themes that will your business grow. This platform also gives your website beauty and flair.

If you wish to begin, go to and click on the story button. You will be redirected to the page where you will see all the plans. Click on the free plan option and select sign up. To sign up you will be asked to fill in your necessary details. Put in your email and then you will be sent a verification email. After you verify your email, you are to put in all the details for your free website.

The paid plan will allow you have access to some special features such as social media and SEO. This will make your website visible on Google and give you more views. You also get more storage and a custom domain name name. They also remove ads.

9. How To Create A Free Website using Google Location Map

This is not a website builder but an easy way of getting your business online for free. This tool is for business with a physical location. It makes people find you with the use of Google maps.

To use this service, you need to create a Google my business account. You can create an account using your Gmail account. If you don’t have one , you will have to create one. Once you have registered your business can then be listed. You will need to add photos, your contact address as well as your physical location.

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10. How To Create A Free Website using Yola

How To Create A Free Website using Yola

Yola is another website that we can use to create a free website. Yola has over a hundred thousand templates and themes. Like the rest you require no previous knowledge of programming or coding. It offers a lot of flexibility.

Go to to get started. Once you are in the website click the start button and you will be led to page that displays all the plans. Click on the free plan and setup your sub domain. After that put in your details and begin customizing your website.

The free plan is good, but you have only limited storage space and webpages. It also has lots of ads.

11. How To Create A Free Website using Webs

Webs website builder

Last but not the least is webs. It is not a very popular tool but it offers you the best platform to expand your business without paying for a website. It has various options for you depending on your industry. It also gives you an advantage of SEO.

To proceed go to and enter the necessary information and click the sign up button. You can now begin the customizing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WordPress free?

Yes. WordPress is an open source content management system. However, keep in mind that custom domain names and certain templates and plugins cost money. Otherwise, you can sign up for a free domain through a WordPress subdomain (a domain name that includes WordPress in the URL).

Which is better: WordPress or Wix?

WordPress is generally a better choice for website builders with technical experience, or for larger websites that need more flexibility. Wix is a good choice if you want a no-code website builder and a drag-and-drop editor. That being said, you can build a simple website with WordPress templates. You can read more about how they compare here.

How much does it cost to upgrade a website?

Each company charges a different amount to upgrade a website. Generally, you will have to pay for a domain name, which can typically be purchased for $12 to $60 per year on a website like GoDaddy. The simpler and easier to remember the domain name, the more expensive you can expect it to be. Upgrading to Wix’s Pro plan will cost $23 per month (billed annually), while upgrading to Weebly’s Professional plan will cost $16 per month (or $12 per month if billed annually).


Having an online presence is a necessity these days. If would-be customers can’t find your website, you’re likely missing out on clients.

However, building a website doesn’t mean spending a lot of money or needing technical expertise. Instead, you can begin by learning how to create a free website and set it up in a few easy steps.

Once you’re online, you can start benefiting from additional leads, more customers, and increased conversions—all the things you need for increasing your business success rate and growing a thriving enterprise.

How has using a free website affected your business?

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