Top 4 Best Ways To Increase Low AdSense CPC (Experts Method)

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Welcome to Ayomikun Abraham’s blog. In this content, I will be discussing on the best ways to increase low AdSense CPC. But before diving into the ocean of this, permit me to introduce to you to AdSense.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense according to Wikipedia, is a program run by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience. AdSense is used on over 38.3 million websites as at 2021. Most of the ads you have seen or might have seen on websites you visited are from AdSense.

In my recent researches, I found out that AdSense are very sensitive when displaying ads on publishers websites. They ensure ads corresponding to the websites’ contents are displayed mostly to satisfy their advertisers and publishers which tends to generate more money for AdSense publishers and good profits for advertisers.

Without further ado, let’s move into today’s discussion.

4 Best Ways To Increase Low AdSense CPC

But first, let me give you a background of what’s going on.

There has been an ongoing battle between Advertisers and Publishers when it comes to making money online through blogging and Google Adsense.

For the past 16 years, I’ve been on both sides of the divide at one point or the other. So, I have a deep insight into what’s going on behind the scene, and it is with this hindsight that I want to share some tips that may help you increase your CPC in the next few weeks.

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First of all, if you’re a blogger, the first thing you need to UNDERSTAND is that those advertisers whose ads are appearing on your site Do Not Care about your CPC!

In fact, a high CPC is a loss to them and they will do all they can to bring the cost of getting a click to their site down. The lower this cost is, the more clicks they can get, thereby resulting in more revenue for them.

On the other hand, as a blogger (or Publisher) you don’t care about the cost of the advertiser whose ads are appearing on your site. All you want to do is to increase the CPC of the ad space on your site.

While you’re working to increase this cpc, the advertiser’s main job is to frustrate your efforts by bringing it down.

So what happens? This is where Google steps in.

Google knows that if it allows the bloggers and publishers to win this battle, it means the cpc of most blogs would go high, and the advertisers who are paying the bills will begin to complain that the cost of advertising on Google is too high. At the end, they will move their dollars to another advertising platform, which will end up being detrimental to both Google as well as you the blogger in the long run.

On the other hand, if the advertisers win this battle, the bloggers and publishers will get frustrated and leave the adsense platform. With fewer bloggers available, advertisers will have to spend more to win the ad space on the few blogs that are left, hence increasing the cost of advertising which will eventually make them dump Google at the end and move their dollars to other platform.

So what does Google do? It tries so hard to balance both interest. It charges the advertisers low enough that they don’t leave the platform and it also pays bloggers high enough (68%) so they too don’t leave.

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Therefore, if you want to increase your CPC and you want advertisers to be cool with it, here are the 4 things to experiment with.

1. Traffic

Top 4 Best Ways To Increase Low AdSense CPC

When companies run adverts on Google, they do so for one reason: to acquire customers.

As a blogger, Google knows your average Click Through Rate. When 100 people visit your blog, Google knows how many people that click ads on your site. It knows where in the world those people are, and it knows the purchasing power of those people.

So guess what?

These information are shared with advertisers.

If people with more purchasing power visit your site, and a good number of them click ads on your site, advertisers will be willing to bid more to get their ads displayed on your site.

They know that by winning the ad space on your site, it would most likely result in more customers and sales for them.

For example, if I and Dangote visit your site, most advertisers will bid more to get their ads shown to Dangote than shown to me.

While I may be seeing adverts on baby pampers that costs around 0.07 CPC, Dangote will likely be seeing ads on Dredgers and industrial equipments worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Advertisers don’t mind bidding $100 per click to get their ads shown to Dangote, because they know that one single sale of that equipments can result in more profit to them.

So If you want to increase your cpc, one way to do that is to attract visitors with high purchasing power to your blog.

2. Ads Placement

Top 4 Best Ways To Increase Low AdSense CPC
Ads Placement

Where your ads are placed determines how many people will see it, and eventually, how many people will click on it. The more clicks your blog gets, the more advertisers become interested in placing their ads there.

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It is for this reason I usually tell people to tun off Auto ads, and instead, create specific ad unit whose click you can easily monitor.

3. Content

Top 4 Best Ways To Increase Low AdSense CPC

The keywords of the content on your site, ultimately determines the quality of people that will visit your site, and the corresponding ads that will be displayed.

Some advertisers target their ads by keyword. If you want to increase your cpc, writing about high-CPC keywords may go a long way.

4. The Advertisers

Top 4 Best Ways To Increase Low AdSense CPC
The Advertisers

There are advertisers that cannot go below a certain about of bid to place their ads on your site, due to the low cost item they’re selling.

No matter what you do, the cpc of these set of advertisers will always be low. So instead of allowing low cpc adverts to display on your site, thereby blocking the high cpc ones, it is better to just block them from displaying on your site outrightly.

Summing Up

These are the 4 things that determines how high or low your cpc will be and also the best ways to increase your Adsense CPC. You may have to experiment with a lot of settings before you get a winning formula with a high cpc. But when you do, it’s definitely worth it.

Note: If you’d like me to work with you in carrying out multiple experiments that will increase your CPC, feel free to message me and lets see how we can work together.

And also, this content will be updated from time to time as we discover more best ways to increase low AdSense CPC.

Edited by Ayomikun Abraham

Written by Vincent Chukwuma

Vincent Chukwuma is a professional blogger whose main goal is to help people become successful bloggers as well. If you’d like to say hi, or you’d want him to hold you by the hand and show you some hidden strategies of blogging, feel free to inbox him and get some valentine discount this period.

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