How To Make Money As An Attractive Lady (10 Genius Ways)

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How To Make Money As An Attractive Lady: Making money as a lady, in general, isn’t something too strenuous or hard as a guy (with some exceptions) but when your beauty comes into the equation as a lady, there are multiple doors of opportunities to make money or find a well-paying job.


Everyone wants to make money which will aid us in paying our bills and provide us cash to do other important tasks. The full-time jobs in which we engage ourselves in cannot fully cater for all our needs and we will need to supplement it with a side hustle or a second job.

As a lady especially an attractive one, this will be a very easy task as multiple jobs and opportunities are awaiting you. Most attractive ladies engage themselves in freelancing which is a very lucrative industry. You can be on contracts with multiple clients hence making more money.

The height of it all is if you have gone viral before or you are a popular influencer, this will help in convincing top companies and brands that you are a very profitable person. Thid can help you in your journey to make your millions.

In this article I hope to enlighten you on 10 ways which can be used to make money as an attractive lady. Without further delay, let’s get started.

How To Make Money As An Attractive Lady

How To Make Money As An Attractive Lady (10 Best Ways)
How To Make Money As An Attractive Lady (10 Genius Ways)

As an attractive lady, you can make money through the following ways:

  1. Instagram or Social Media Influencer
  2. The host of an event
  3. Personal fitness trainer
  4. Professional actress
  5. Have a blog and promote fashion wears
  6. Lifestyle YouTube influencer
  7. Disc Jockey
  8. Selling of feet pictures
  9. Working as a virtual assistant
  10. Hair stylist
  11. Modeling

1. Being an Instagram or Social Media Influencer:

The reason why Instagram is highlighted in this subtopic is the fact that it is very popular and a very lucrative place to gain popularity quickly as the app has over 1 Billion downloads and over 500 million active users. It is also important to note that there are other platforms by which one can gain popularity very quickly such as TikTok (Video), Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

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The algorithm of Instagram enables one to gain followers and views if he/she is very good what the content being dished out and as an attractive lady you can gain popularity quickly and earn a lot of money from the platform.

On Instagram, once you have a huge and dedicated fanbase and by chance, you are verified, you can make some money from the platform as they pay their verified users per post or even though you aren’t verified you have a solid fanbase on the platform you can get endorsement deals from various top companies and brands.

Top influencers on Instagram include Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Huda Kattan, Nyane Lebajoa, Etc. Read: How To Get Sponsored on Instagram

2. Being the host of an event:

To be frank with you even though a guy is in a relationship or not, the sudden presence of attractive girls is sure to draw their attention and when such is the host of an event you can rest assured that there will be a huge turn-up from the crowd which earns the organizers more money.

As an attractive lady, once you are known to be a very good crowd puller and you work as a freelancer, you can rest assured that you will make a lot of cash as you will be called up to host various events and from there you can also gain popularity on your social media account.

Working as the host of an event is very lucrative and as a very attractive lady, it can earn you tens of thousands of dollars every month.

3. Being a personal fitness trainer:

This will earn you some cash if you are someone that’s athletic or is a fitness freak. Most clients especially guys will pay a lot to have a personal trainer who is very attractive and very good at what she does.

I am sure that most attractive ladies reading this article wouldn’t have considered this option as they would prefer the first two options to this.

To be frank, if you are someone who likes to keep fit I would recommend this option to you then the previous two as guys would pay a hefty sum just to get you as a personal trainer. If you are lucky, you could find yourself your future husband (Just kidding????).

How To Make Money As An Attractive Lady (10 Best Ways)
How To Make Money As An Attractive Lady (10 Best Ways)

4. Being a professional actress:

If you are still in your secondary school or high school stage and you are very good at acting, I would recommend you to go for acting as a profession as most attractive ladies in that profession excel and make more money than the others.

Acting isn’t child’s play as it requires a lot of determination and hard work but with consistency, you can excel in that field and make some cool cash for yourself.

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Also, even if you are already in your university stage studying another course — you can try acting in lesser roles and as an attractive lady, you will make some cool cash in such a field. When you see how good you are in that line, you can sign up for acting school to improve yourself.

Note, it may take years and a lot of auditioning to make it in this profession but I assure you when you make it you will earn not extra but huge cash to cater for your needs and bills.

5. Have a blog and promote fashion wears:

Blogging is a very lucrative profession and I am into it, starting a blog can be one of the best ways right now to make a lot of cash on cash.

For me, I must be approved by ads networks such as Google AdSense, Ezoic and Foremedia to make my blog profitable but being an attractive lady can make you far more than I earn monthly.

You can be a fashion promoter on your blog as top brands can present you with their outfits to promote on your blog hence promoting the sales of that brand and make some cash for yourself.

Having a solid fanbase on social media can you earn more deals with top brands and make you a lot of cash aside from the amount you will be receiving from Ads placement on your blog.

To provide a shocker, the only things needed to make money as an attractive lady in this line are a stable data connection, payment for hosting and a domain name. You can contact our ADMIN on how to setup a blog like this.

6. Becoming a Lifestyle Youtube Influencer:

If you go on YouTube right now, you will find a lot of attractive ladies such as yourself making vlogs on how their days went, the products they use for skincare and lots like that.

Having a YouTube channel could be very profitable and be used as a side hustle as the platform pays creators and also top brands pay people that like to promote their products on their channel hence generating more significant revenue for you.

Who wouldn’t want to watch a pretty girl on their phone screen and purchase the products they recommend? Nobody, as every guy as I said previously, is intrigued by beauty. 

Note, make your videos as creative and skillful as possible to earn more views and revenue. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and read How To Make Money On YouTube in 2022.

7. Being a Disc Jockey (DJ):

This may come as a shocker to many as you would ask what pretty having to be a DJ, but I would happily counter you by saying that being a DJ as a pretty lady can be compared to having bread and egg. Both can be eaten separately but when mixed, they provide a delight and is loved by many.

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Being a DJ and being pretty is a delight to many as most guys wouldn’t attend a party where the DJ looks hideous. They will prefer to attend one in which the DJ is pretty, lively, and very skilful, having these qualities as a lady is sure to earn you some cool cash.

8. Selling of Feet pictures:

There are some habits which are very common among people like the love for beautiful feet. There are some people who would pay a lot just to look at beautiful feet and if it is from an attractive lady that’s the icing on the cake.

On social media, various model scouts look for talents online and with great feet, you could have yourself a deal. For those interested in freelancing, there are multiple platforms where you could sell your feet pictures for money such as Instafeet, FeetFinder, Feetify, Foap and Feetpics.

9. Working as a virtual assistant for various brands:

Working as a virtual assistant as a pretty lady can earn you a lot of money as the only things needed is a computer, a high-speed internet connection and proper communication skills.

When one becomes a very reputable virtual assistant, one will be approached by many top companies who will pay a lot to make you their virtual assistant.

How To Make Money As An Attractive Lady (10 Best Ways)
How To Make Money As An Attractive Lady (10 Best Ways)

10. Becoming a Hair Stylist:

Being an attractive lady and knowing how to make hair can make you a lot of money as people pay $30 – $50 for hair stylists and it is also considered a form of modelling. 

Ladies consider their hair a very viable necessity of their life and would pay any amount to make sure that their hair is in proper shape.

11. Being a model:

When one is an attractive lady, why wouldn’t you want to venture into the modelling industry? The modelling industry for females is one of the biggest industries where one can make money especially if you are very attractive.

Being a model has various aspects such as being a spokesperson for a company, when going into modelling it is advisable to begin in your teen years. To be a model you have to audition for various modelling companies and it could take over 3 years before you land your first big job.

Conclusion on: How To Make Money As An Attractive Lady

Being an attractive lady is enough reason for you not to go broke and have a side hustle. I am confident with the various points I highlighted in this article you would get a well-paying side hustle to foot your bills and take care of your needs.

That will be all on this article on how to make money as an attractive lady. I hope this article helps. Thanks for reading.

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