Texas Tech Football: Everything You Need To Know

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Introduction: American Football American Football, Known in the United States and Canada as simply Football,is a team sport. The purpose of the game is to score more points than the opposing team within a set time limit. The ball can be moved by either carrying it, throwing it, passed around with the hands. Points can be earned through the following methods:

i) Carrying the ball over the opposition goal line

ii) Throwing the ball to another of your teammate pas the goal line

iii) Kicking it through the goal posts of the opposing team. The team who gets the most points before the time expires and the last play
ends is the Winner.

Outside America or Canada, it is called American Football because there are other football games and by giving it this name, it can be differentiated.
The game is mostly popularized by the Americans above any other sports as it
is considered their favorite sport which also proves why the viewership readings surpasses that of any other sport. The sport is also popular as an amateur activity in other countries like: Mexico, American Samoa, Japan, Europe, Korea, New Zealand and Australia. The game is played professionally by boys and men but in recent years a few amateur and semi-professional women leagues have sprung up. It has a 32-team league which is called the National Football league, the final of this competition is called the Super Bowl and is watch by nearly half of the American Population and is televised in over 150 countries. In Canada, It has a separate league called the Professional Canadian Football League and it operates under Canadian rules.
A Standard football game consists of four 15-minute quarters, with half-time breaks after the second quarter. If an NFL game is tied after four quarters, the team play another period which is going to last for 15 minutes.
Top 10 teams in the NFL                      1) Rams (Present NFL champion):  This is the present champions of the NFL and this justifies their rankings and we are expecting them to make another Super Bowl run.
2) Bills:
The addition of Landing Von Miller and first-round corner Kaiir Elam. They may not be champions but are a big threat to the present champions.
3) Chiefs:
They have added some new defensive pieces to their already talent filled
4) Packers:
Now that Aaron Rangers is back, let’s see what surprises they can spring up
this season.
5) Buccaneers:
Getting Tom Brady back immediately put them back in contention last season, Let’s see what will be of them this season.
6) Bengals:
After improving their offensive line and their defense will make them a
contender next season.
7) Chargers:
This team is a very talented squad and it is just a pity that the division they are in is brutal if not they have the firepower to win the super-bowl in another division.
8) Broncos:
With the new talents on their side, they can push for a division title and a lot more
9) 49ERS:
Even though the quarterback situation was still unsettled, they have a lot of
talents to push them further up this coming season
10) Ravens:                                                  They have a slim chance but let’s see what the team can do this upcoming season.

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Some Accessories used in American Football
1) Balls:
The ball has the same shape as that of a pig’s ladder that why we frequently
hear the term “pig-skin” when it comes to American Football. It is made up of leather and possesses laces which makes it easy to kick, throw and hold. The balls are available everywhere and it is sold for around $15-$20 dollars but if you want
to get an official NFL ball, the price will be from $40-$55.
2) Chin straps and Helmet:
This are among the most important accessories an NFL must have; Since they were required in 1976, the injuries rate in the NFL has dropped significantly and it is now mandatory for an NFL Player to have them on before entering the field.
3) Duffle bags:
They aren’t required but help in transporting equipment with ease due to their size
4) Eye black:
It is a strip applied under the eye to reduce the glare from the sun and some players like Ray Lewis are known to use it to intimidate players on the pitch.
5) Mouth guard:
This is used as a shock absorber that protects the entire mouth area
primarily the tongue and the teeth.

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Texas Tech Football
Texas Tech Football team is a college football team which represents Texas
Tech University, It is now known as “Texas Tech Red Raiders football”. The team competes as a member of the Big 12 Conference in Division I Football Bowl Subdivision of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).Texas Tech Football
First Season: 1925
Head Coach: Joey McGuire
Stadium: Jones AT&T Stadium
Stadium capacity: 60,454
Athletic Director: Kirby Hocutt
Location: Lubbock, Texas
Present Conference: Big 12 Conference
Present division: Division I FBS

History of Texas Tech Football
The team played its first match on October 3, 1925 against McMurry
University and it ended in a controversial scoreless tie. On January 1975, Texas Tech University athletic position offered Steven Sloan the football coaching position but he initially declined and later took the job on 2nd January,1975 after he was offered a mouth-watering salary; he took 5 assistant coaches with him among them included the defensive coordinator Bill Parcells.

Achievements of Texas Tech Football Club
1) They have won 2 NCAA team national championships
2) They have won 27 Big 12 Conference titles
3) They have also won 27 Southwest Conference (SWC) titles
4) They also have in their trophy cabinet 22 Border Conference titles

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Coaches that have managed Texas Tech Football Club since 1925
1) Ewing Y. Freeland (1925-1928)
2) Grady Higginbotham (1929)              3) Pete Cawthon (1930-1940).                4) Dell Morgan (1941-1950)                  5)Dewitt Weaver (1951-1960)          6)J.T. King (1961-1969)                          7)Jim Carlen (1970-1974)                      8)Steve Sloan (1975-1977)                9)Rex Dockery (1977-1980)          10)Jerry Moore (1981-1985)      11)David McWilliams (1986)     12)Spike Dykes (1986-1999)                13) Mike Leach (2000-2009).      Interim: Ruffin McNeil (2009)            14) Tommy Tuberville (2010-2012) Interim: Chris Thomsen (2012)        15)Kiff Kingsbury (2013-2018)            16) Matt Wells (2019-2021)        Interim: Sonny Cumbie (2021)          17) Joey McGuire (2022-PRESENT)

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