Complete Guide to Buying iPhones Wholesale from Hong Kong

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iPhones WholesaleOver 1 billion people use iPhones across the world. That’s an exciting figure and proof that there is a high global demand for these cellular devices. Let’s find out how to buy iPhones wholesale from Hong Kong to run a successful iPhones reselling business.

iPhones Have a High Resale Value

When you consider the second-hand/ secondary mobile market, iPhones generally retain a significant percentage of their original value. Looking at the stats, we can see that the value of android phones after two years of launch is seen to decrease by around 62.5%, around double of iPhones at 35.5%.A few of the main reasons why iPhones are successful in holding a better resale value are:

  • Higher Brand loyalty and status of Apple.
  • Repairing costs of iPhones are comparatively lower.
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If you plan to sell refurbished iPhones, here is a complete guide on buying iPhones wholesale from Hong Kong to sell them for profit.

Refurbished iPhones Still Carry Good Price Tags

Apple launches one new device every year, and this exclusivity is one of the most valuable features of the brand. Since the periodicity of the new launch is quick, and because there are people who can’t wait to buy the latest device, it leaves enough opportunities for buyers who are on a budget to get used or refurbished iPhones at an affordable price.

It leads to high demand for refurbished iPhones allowing the devices to carry a reasonable price. And because of the high value and great demand, you can make good profits as a refurbished iPhones seller.

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Now let’s learn about how you can buy iPhones wholesale from Hong Kong.

Steps to Buy iPhones from Hong Kong iPhones Dealers

To keep substantial profit margins in the business of selling refurbished iPhones, you must buy iPhones wholesale directly from the source, that is, Hong Kong. Follow the below-mentioned steps.

Find Wholesale iPhones Dealers Online

It is not profitable for small business owners to travel to Hong Kong to find wholesale iPhones suppliers. But you can look for dealers on the internet.

Make a list of iPhones dealers you find online, check their inventory for the devices to see if they have in stock the iPhones you need, and inquire about the prices.

Check for their Services

Finding trusted iPhones wholesalers online is indeed challenging. But there are some points that determine the credibility of the sellers.

Check if the buyer provides an easy return or exchange feature, and also check if the distributor is offering any warranty on the devices. These benefits are primarily offered by trusted iPhones dealers only.

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Place a Sample Order

If the dealer allows you to place a sample order, continue ordering any of the refurbished iPhones to check the quality of the device. It will also help you evaluate the dealer’s service in delivering the order and the payment methods offered to complete the purchase.

Start Earning Huge Profits

Buying iPhones wholesale is the best way to make money by selling refurbished iPhones. Follow the steps mentioned above to buy iPhones wholesale from Hong Kong and start earning huge profits as a refurbished iPhones seller.

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