Top 11 Flutter Open Source Apps To Benefits From in 2023

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Flutter Open Source Apps: Most Interesting and Popular 

A world where complex and proprietary software and application development tools are becoming a thing of the past is receding into the background. Modern large companies seeking to expand their digital arsenal and market resort to universal tools. Such systems create the conditions for the development of everything that the developers wish.

One of the most popular tools today is Google’s Flutter, which is used daily to build dozens, if not hundreds, of apps. In this article, we’ll look at the most popular and exciting apps developed with this tool, as well as the benefits of using it.

Flutter Apps that diversify your life

Applications developed on Flutter cover an infinite number of areas and directions. Therefore, we will divide our TOP into two parts: applications you would use daily and those intended for entertainment or training. Let’s start with simple apps; first on the list is Unloc.

1. Unloc

Top 11 Flutter Open Source Apps To Take Advantage Of

The idea of ​​the application is surprisingly simple and unique: with its help, you can not wait for the delivery of the ordered goods but simply provide access to your house for the courier. This, of course, is only relevant for smart homes.

2. Natrium

Top 11 Flutter Open Source Apps To Take Advantage Of

In our TOP, we could only do with applications related to crypto-arbitrage. Our choice fell on Natrium, one of the most popular platforms among traders. This application has a high level of protection and accreditation, which can not boast of all analogs on the market.

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3. Watermaniac

Top 11 Flutter Open Source Apps To Take Advantage Of

Applications for measuring “everything and everything” never lose popularity. Among them are pedometers and fitness trainers and those that track the required level of water in your body. Naturally, this works approximately, the user needs to enter their height and weight, and the application will independently calculate the recommended amount of water consumed during the day or hour.

4. Deer

Top 11 Flutter Open Source Apps To Take Advantage Of

Although every mobile device already has its scheduler, they are often inconvenient, unintuitive, or do not make you want to use them. To replace them, a convenient and intuitive diary planner was created. There is nothing special about it; it is just a suitable and non-irritating application for scheduling or planning the day.

5. My Trail

Top 11 Flutter Open Source Apps To Take Advantage Of

With this all-in-one app, you’ll always be in the know: it’ll identify your route and the places you’ve met along the way with just two taps on the screen. Also, the application filters by date and time, which, together with Deer, will make it easier to determine the routes traveled.

6. You

Top 11 Flutter Open Source Apps To Take Advantage Of

How often have you thought: “What can they find out about me on the Internet?” The You application allows you to find out the answer to this question. This is an interesting application designed to determine how much information about you can be found on the web. It will analyze virtually the entire internet looking for mentions of you, and provide a detailed report on posts, statements, and pages (current and outdated).

Now let’s move on to the fun part of our selection of apps!

Entertainment Flutter Apps

Many educational and entertainment applications have been developed with Flutter, but we have chosen the most interesting and unique ones. Let’s get started without further ado!

7. PI Ultimate

Top 11 Flutter Open Source Apps To Take Advantage Of

An intriguing math puzzle game with many challenges. The perfect choice for math lovers! Get higher and higher combinations and impress your friends by leading the rankings. This application will also help you learn the number pi and cheer you up after a tiring day at work.

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8. SpaceX GO!

Top 11 Flutter Open Source Apps To Take Advantage Of

Are you passionate about space? Then, pay attention to this application if you have a burning passion for boundless freedom and want to know more. This is a comprehensive guide dedicated not only to general facts but also to the developments of Elon Musk’s company – SpaceX.

9. Zgadula

Top 11 Flutter Open Source Apps To Take Advantage Of

In search of something new and exciting, remember the entertainment. The Zgadula application offers to spend time watching content alone and in the form of a game with friends. One person chooses a category, puts the phone aside, and the rest need to guess the words. The options and combinations are endless, thanks to the flexible content selection. You will get a result even from a set of words that do not have a direct connection.

10. PostMuse

Top 11 Flutter Open Source Apps To Take Advantage Of

Do you often use Instagram? If the answer is “Yes,” you must have the PostMuse application. With a few clicks, you can add aesthetics to almost any post. PostMuse can also be used for congratulations or to quickly write many posts.

11. InKino

Top 11 Flutter Open Source Apps To Take Advantage Of

This app is currently only available in the Finnish region but has enormous potential. With InKino, users can learn about the film and watch its premiere directly on their phones. Yes, viewing is paid, and generally, it is like a “remote cinema,” but the opportunity not to go to the premiere of an exciting film and immediately watch it is impressive.

We’ve discussed some exciting application concepts, but you might wonder if it’s worth developing something like this. We will answer this question below!

Why you need Flutter for your project

If you plan to develop a multi-platform application that will make life easier for users or diversify their leisure time, and you do not need deep integration with a specific architecture (iOS, Android, etc.), then simple tools like Flutter are an ideal choice. Simplicity and accessibility will allow you to develop an application quickly and economically.

Applications built with Flutter are among the best ways to showcase your company and ideas in the marketplace. The low cost and great features make this an ideal starting point.

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However, if you do not have a development team, we recommend contacting a Flutter application development company, where specialists will help you implement your plans.

But before you make a deal, we recommend that you pay attention to the portfolio of developers and reviews about them. It is not worth the risk of entrusting the project’s development to unqualified or simply unreliable contractors. Likewise, we do not recommend chasing low prices, it is better to trust professionals!

Final Thought

That concludes our list of 11 Flutter open source apps demonstrating the framework’s power. Its cross-platform compatibility, fast development time, and performance have made it an appealing option for businesses of all sizes. Meanwhile, its rich set of tools and libraries offers developers a comprehensive and efficient development experience.

As such, Flutter is an excellent choice for business owners seeking to build high-quality mobile applications. We hope these projects have provided valuable insights and inspiration for your next ject. Get in touch with our top-rated Flutter app development company and take your open source project to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which kind of businesses can benefit from Flutter Apps?

Flutter Apps are suitable for businesses, from startups to large corporations. It is an ideal platform for businesses that require speedy and efficient mobile app development without compromising on the quality of the end product.

2. What are the benefits of using Flutter for my business?

Flutter offers multiple benefits, such as

  • Fast development time
  • Customizable toolkit
  • Enhanced user experience and engagement
  • Code reusability, which saves time and resources
  • Hot Reload which allows faster time to market with lower development cost

3. Which big companies use Flutter?

The Top companies that still use Flutter in 2023 are:

  • Google Ads
  • Alibaba
  • BMW
  • The New York Times
  • Uber

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