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Latest WhatsApp Update adds more Emojis and Bookmarks

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WhatsApp version is now available through the Google Play Beta program. The application has recently begun testing connections between devices such as iOS, Android, and Windows.

The WABetaInfo website report that the application is currently working on more than twenty new emojis that will be included in a future update in addition to having changed the appearance of other existing ones. It was previously clear that the WhatsApp beta for Android would bring a number of new emojis, but also WhatsApp devs are working on a bookmark icon to identify kept messages, for a future update of the app.

WhatsApp Beta introduces 21 new emojis

According to WABetaInfo, the most recent beta update for Android on the Play Store includes twenty-one new emojis that will be added to the app in a future update.
WhatsApp intends to update the appearance of eight other emojis, as shown in the image below. In addition to the new emojis, they are already present in the beta application. Although the changes are minor, this image makes them more visible.

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“As seen in this screenshot, there are 21 new emojis that will be available in a future update. But there’s more: WhatsApp has redesigned eight emojis, which are already visible in this beta. In reality, you may not have noticed them because the changes are subtle. Except for the pleading face and the crying face. However, thanks to the screenshot, you can see which emojis have been redesigned,” according to WABetaInfo.

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Some people who have the most recent Google Play beta can see the eight new emojis. However, the other twenty-one do not appear at this time.

There is no set date for the release of the stable version, but it will coincide with the start of the testing phase. If no major issues are discovered, it will be made available to the general public shortly. WhatsApp beta has already begun testing the ability to search for messages by date on iOS. Users will be able to jump to a specific day. To use the feature to look for specific details about a chat.

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Helpful message bookmarking

The new emojis, however, aren’t the only thing intriguing about this new beta. As shown in the screenshot above, users can identify a saved message in WhatsApp by looking for the bookmark icon that appears in the message bubble of disappearing messages. This icon indicates that the disappearing message has been “kept” and will not disappear from the chat, even if the feature is turned on and the message has already expired. This feature allows users to easily distinguish between saved messages and regular messages that disappear within the chat. It is important to note that all participants in the conversation have the ability to delete these messages at any time.

Source/VIA : Wabetainfo

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