What are the best and Biggest Banks in Africa?

What are the best and Biggest Banks in Africa?

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Did you know that Africa has a smaller number of commercial banks compared to other continents? For instance, Asia has over 1,900, the European Union has about 6,000, and the USA has more than 4,000 banks. Additionally, African banks have lower valuations compared to their foreign counterparts. Some African banks, however, have assets valued at over $100 billion, which include properties, cash, account receivables, and other valuable resources owned by corporations such as banks.

What are the best and Biggest Banks in Africa?
What are the best and Biggest Banks in Africa?

Reports show that Kenya and Egypt have the highest concentration of commercial banks in Africa, with 39 and 37 banks, respectively. Tanzania has 34 commercial banks, followed by Nigeria, Uganda, and Ghana with 24, 24, and 23 banks, respectively.

Below is a list of the largest banks in Africa, based on asset size, which is mostly dominated by South African and North African banks. Do you know the fascinating world of banks in Africa and their assets? The African continent has a total of 763 commercial banks spread across its 54 countries.

Criteria for choosing the best and biggest Banks in Africa 

Africa has been experiencing a tremendous transformation in recent years. With the continent’s growing middle class, economic development, and increase in foreign investment, banking has become one of the most vibrant sectors in Africa.

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However, with so many Banks to choose from, it can be quite challenging for individuals to decide which bank to rely on.

 This article provides criteria for choosing the best and biggest Banks in Africa.

1.Reputation and track record:  One of the essential criteria to consider when choosing a bank in Africa is its reputation and track record. You want to work with a bank that has been in business for a long time, has built an excellent reputation, and has a  track record of success in the industry.  It’s essential to research the banks you’re interested in to ensure they have a good reputation and track record.

  1. Financial strength: The financial strength of the bank is another important criterion to take into account. Can the bank meet its financial obligations? Can they access additional capital if needed? An audit of a Bank’s financial statements is necessary to determine its financial strength.
  2. Service Offering: Different banks offer different services and it is important to choose a bank that meets your specific banking needs. Consider the services offered by the bank, such as online banking, mobile banking, investment opportunities, credit facilities, etc.

 You want to choose a bank that can best meet your needs.

  1. Accessibility: Accessibility is important because you want to be able to easily access your money or interact with your bank when the need arises.

Make sure the bank you choose has branches and ATMs in locations that are convenient for you. Also check the availability of customer service contacts such as phone lines, email, chat, etc.

  1. Innovation: Innovative banks are also attractive to individuals because they tend to offer more advanced features and services. Consider banks that have adopted technological advancements and provided convenient platforms for their customers.
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What are the best and Biggest Banks in Africa?

When it comes to banking in Africa, there are many to choose from.

 However, a few stand out as the biggest and best in terms of assets, customer base, and market capitalization.

 In this article, we will highlight the best banks in Africa.

  1. Standard Banking Group:   Standard Banking Group is Africa’s largest bank in terms of assets. It was created in 1862 in South Africa and has since spread to several other African countries. Standard Banking Group has more than 1,200 branches and 9,000 ATMs across Africa.

 With a market capitalization of more than $16 billion, it is certainly one of the most important banks on the continent.

  1. FirstRand: FirstRand is another giant in the African banking sector. It is headquartered in South Africa and has operations in ten other African countries. In 2021, the bank had a market capitalization of $27 billion, making it one of the largest banks in Africa.
  2. Absa Group: Absa is a South African bank formerly known as Barclays Africa Group. With a market capitalization of $8.

8 billion, Absa is Africa’s third largest bank.

 It is present in 12 African countries and has more than 700 branches and 11,000 ATMs across the continent.

  1. Nedbank Group: Nedbank is a South African bank founded in 1888. It has a strong presence in southern Africa but also has operations in several other African countries. With a market capitalization of $7.4 billion, Nedbank is one of the largest banks in Africa. It has more than 760 branches and 6,000 ATMs across the continent.
  2. Ecobank Ecobank: is a Togolese bank present in 36 African countries.

 The bank has a market capitalization of $1.6 billion and has more than 1,200 branches and 3,700 ATMs across Africa.

 Ecobank is undoubtedly one of the largest and most successful banks in Africa.

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 In conclusion, the above list highlights the biggest and best banks in Africa.


These banks dominate the African banking industry and play a crucial role in the economic development of the continent.

FAQs on What are the Best and Biggest Banks in Africa?

1.What are the largest banks in Africa?

 According to Africa Business magazine, the five largest banks in Africa by assets, in descending order, are Standard Bank Group, FirstRand, Absa Group, Nedbank Group, and Investec.

2. Which bank is the largest in Africa?

The largest bank in Africa, by assets and market capitalization, is  Standard Bank Group, headquartered in South Africa.

 It is present in 18 countries, including Angola, Kenya, Nigeria and Mozambique.

3.What is the largest bank in Nigeria?

 The biggest Nigerian bank is Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, with total assets of over N5 trillion ($14 billion) as of 2021, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.

 It also has a presence in Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, and Kenya.

4. Which is the largest bank in Egypt?

The largest bank in Egypt by assets is the National Bank of Egypt, with total assets worth EGP 1.6 trillion ($102 billion).

 It was founded in 1898 and has a network of more than 400 branches across Egypt.

5. Which South African bank has the largest market capitalization?

South Africa’s largest bank by market capitalization is FirstRand, with a market capitalization of over ZAR 292 billion (USD 20 billion) in 2022. It is a leading financial services provider in South Africa, with subsidiaries in Namibia and Botswana, and Mozambique.


A comprehensive understanding of Africa’s largest banks is important for those looking to invest or bank in any country or region on the continent. These five largest banks in Africa not only have a significant impact in their respective countries but also contribute significantly to the growth of the entire African economy.

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