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Palmpay customer care: phone number, WhatsApp number, Email Address, and Palmpay Contact address.

Palmpay customer care support contacts address

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Palmpay is an innovative and secure mobile payment app that has revolutionized the way Nigerians do financial transactions. Palmpay is one of the leading Digital payment platforms in Nigeria. The Fintech company is committed to providing millions of users with a fast, reliable, and transparent payment experience.

Palmpay customer care: phone number, WhatsApp number, Email Address, and Palmpay Contact address.

However, Palmpay understands that sometimes customers may encounter difficulties or questions when using the application. That’s why they created Palmpay Customer Support, a dedicated team of knowledgeable and friendly experts, always ready to assist and assist with all Palmpay-related issues.

Palmpay’s customer service team is responsible for providing customers with exceptional service, ensuring all inquiries, complaints, and concerns are handled promptly and professionally. This team includes experts who are familiar with how the application works, its features, and the various services offered by Palmpay.

Duties of the Palmpay customer service team

  • Provide technical support: Whether it’s assistance setting up your Palmpay account, navigating the app, or resolving a technical issue, Palmpay’s customer service team is here to help.
  • Resolve complaints: Our priority is to ensure customers have a seamless payment experience with Palmpay. If you encounter any issues or concerns, our team will work with you to resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Educating Customers:Palmpay’s customer service is more than willing to address immediate concerns. Our team is also dedicated to informing customers about the app, its features, and how to use them effectively.
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When to contact Palmpay customer  service:

  • If you experience any problems with your account or transactions.
  • If you have any questions about the app’s features or services. 
  • If you experience difficulties or technical errors with the application.
  • If you have any concerns about the security of your account or payment information. 

Palmpay customer care: phone number, WhatsApp number, Email Address, and Palmpay contact address.

Palmpay customer care phone number: 

Below is the Palmpay customer care phone number 018886888

How to contact Palmpay customer care number via phone number:

  • Dial Palmpay customer care phone number: +234 018886888
  • Listen carefully to the automated prompts and select the option that matches your query.
  • If you need to speak to a customer service representative, tap the corresponding number and wait a few seconds.
  • A customer service representative will respond and answer your questions.

Pros of  contacting Palmpay customer care via phone number:

  • Quick reply: By calling the customer service number, you speak directly to a representative who can assist you immediately.
  • Personal impression: Speaking to someone face-to-face allows you to explain your problem clearly and in detail, resulting in a more personalized service.
  • Clarity: Some issues may be difficult to explain over email or chat. By talking to a representative, you can clarify your issue.

Cons of contacting Palmpay customer service via phone number:

  • Waiting time: During peak times, there may be a wait to speak to a representative.
  • Inconvenient: Not everyone has access to phone calls all the time.
  • Difficult to track: Unlike email or chat, there is no physical record of your interaction with a customer service representative.

Palmpay customer care WhatsApp number.

At the time of writing this article, Palmpay Nigeria doesn’t have a WhatsApp number. That means that you can’t contact them through WhatsApp chat. Anytime we have updated information about Palmpay WhatsApp number we won’t hesitate to update this article.

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Palmpay customer service Email Address

If you prefer contacting Palmpay through an email address, you can message them on Email:

How to contact Palmpay customer service via email address

If you have any problems or concerns while using Palmpay, you’ll be happy to know that their customer service team is always ready to help you. To contact them via email, follow these simple steps:

  • Open your email platform
  • Compose an email
  • Provide a detailed explanation of your problem or concern
  • Send the message to
  • Wait for their response
Benefits of contacting Palmpay customer service email address

There are several benefits of contacting Palmpay’s customer service team via email. Here are some of the benefits: 

  • You can provide a detailed explanation of your problem or concern.  
  • Your message will be recorded in text, making it easier for you to follow.
  • You can contact them at any time, day or night.
Disadvantages of contacting Palmpay via customer service email address

While there are many benefits of contacting Palmpay’s customer service team via email, there are also some disadvantages to consider, the disadvantages include:

  • This is not as quick as contacting them by phone or live chat.
  • Your response may take some time as they have many requests to respond to.
  • There may be a language barrier if you are not fluent in English, as it can sometimes take a while to respond via email.  Conclusion

Palmpay Contact Address  (physical office address) 

If you prefer to visit Palmpay, their physical office address, here is the correct address of  Palmpay.

Corporate Office Address: PalmPay Limited, 20 Opebi Road Lagos, Nigeria

How to visit Palmpay contact address (physical office address)

If you would like to speak to the palmpay customer service team directly, you can visit the Palmpay office address at  No 20 Opebi Road Lagos Lagos. Our office is open from 9 am – 5 pm on weekdays and palmpay friendly team will be happy to help you with any issues you may have.

Benefits of contacting Palmpay Contact Address (Physical Office Address)

When you visit our physical office, you can expect:

  1. Discuss your account: You can get detailed information about your account and transaction history or if you want to discuss any issues.
  2. Get professional advice: Meet our customer service team and get expert advice about your Palmpay account and transactions.
  3. Your problem will be sorted out quickly: If you have any problems with your account or transactions, you can come into our office and speak to our team to resolve them quickly. 
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Disadvantages of contacting Palmpay contacts (Physical office address)

  1. Location: If you are located outside of Lagos, it may be difficult to reach our physical office.
  1. It takes time: You may have to travel to our office, which can take time, especially if you live far away.

FAQs on Palmpay customer care: phone number, WhatsApp number, Email Address and Palmpay Contact Address.

What is the Palmpay contact and how can I access it?

The Palmpay contact address is the physical address of the Palmpay Customer Service Center office. Located in Lagos, Nigeria, you can visit the office to resolve any issues related to Palmpay services. The address is No 20 Opebi Road Lagos, Nigeria

What are the benefits of contacting Palmpay contacts directly?

Direct access to Palmpay contacts has several benefits, including:

  • Personal interaction with customer service executives and the opportunity to discuss issues in detail.
  • Ensure physical presence and accessibility of Palmpay services.
  • Access to appropriate complaints resolution and the ability to make a claim.

What are the disadvantages of contacting Palmpay contacts directly?

There are several disadvantages to accessing Palmpay contacts, including:

  • Limited opening hours may not fit your schedule.
  • Geographical restrictions, especially for customers not based in Lagos.
  • Limited time to resolve the issue, as customers may have to wait in long lines.

What is the phone number for Palmpay and how do I contact customer service?

Palmpay’s phone number is +234 018886888 and you can use this number to contact customer service. This line is open from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

What is a Palmpay email address and how can I use it for customer support services?  

Palmpay’s email address is and you can use it to contact customer support. You can send an email with your concerns and a customer service representative will take care of you.


We have provided you with palmpay customer support contacts. In case you have a problem using their app or a failed transaction problem, don’t hesitate to report to the appropriate Palmpay unit through the contact we have provided you with.

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