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IMPT Crypto Price Prediction (2023 Updated List)

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IMPT Crypto Price Prediction: Most of us would be pessimistic when it comes to crypto due to the recent happenings but there is a new and great opportunity in the form of IMPT. IMPT is a crypto-currency which hasn’t been launched yet; it has the aim to reduce pollution and save the plan, which makes me refer to it as the Green Crypto.

The platform aims to use Carbon Offsets which can be called Carbon Credits to reduce pollution globally; its GREEN approach to the market makes it a very interesting crypto that investors and experts believe will contribute immensely to the success of the Crypto-Currency.

Year 2022 has not been good for crypto lovers but it seems it ends on a high note. IMPT was introduced recently (2022) and it was planned for its presale to end in 2023 but due to the hype around it, it ended on the 11th of December, 2022. This occurrence makes an investor jubilate for joy as the time for the price rise is to come sooner than expected. 

I know with this introduction you are very excited to know more about this Crypto-Currency and why it won’t crash like other new tokens in the market.

Why is IMPT Successful?

The Crypto market is surrounded by Tokens whose mission is to ensure speedy and multiple transactions without taking into account what impact it will have on the environment but that’s what IMPT is all about as its vision is to reduce pollution around the world through the token.

With the unusual happenings in the world due to climate change, it was very obvious that something had to be done crucially to save the planet from destruction as quickly as possible. IMPT provides us with a platform to curb this menace through Carbon offsets, commonly referred to as Carbon Credits. Carbon Credits will be very effective if we need to combat pollution as one carbon credit allows for the emission of carbon dioxide amounting to 1 ton.

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Carbon emissions can come in various ways such as

  1. i) Transport and Delivery vehicles,
  2. ii) Industrial Productions.

IMPT through its platform aims to act as a link between individuals and organizations aiming to purchase a carbon credit, as I stated before this GREEN approach of IMPT to the market has earned it a lot of popularity within a short time. The token as of the time of writing this article wasn’t available on presale again and recently hit the $14 million milestone; those who got their hands on the token before the presale ended should rest assured that their money won’t be a waste as the price is expected to double when it hits the exchanges.

IMPT Crypto Price Prediction

The price of IMPT is going up after the presale and this is the reason why millions of units were sold just hours after its presale opened. The IMPT presale has been likened to that of Tamadoge whose price increased by 200% after its launch on OKK, some experts have stated that the IMPT project may not be as successful as the Tamadoge project but it shows potential.

The heightened interest in the IMPT token makes me and other writers predict that in the short term, we may be looking at $0.05. According to IMPT, here is how the presale will occur:

  1. i) 600 million tokens at $0.018 (1st Presale);
  2. ii) 660 million tokens at $0.023 (2nd Presale);

iii) 540 million tokens at $0.028 (3rd Presale).

Factors that influence the rise of the IMPT token in the Market

Here are various factors that influence the rise of IMPT token in the crypto market.

1. Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits are a fast and very reliable method to curb this menace of excessive carbon emissions. The IMPT token through its platform aims to integrate its vision with the blockchain hence being effective for people who want to make money through Cryptocurrency and also want to make life better for future generations.

Carbon Credits on the IMPT Platform are tokenized and can be received in the form of an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). On the IMPT platform ( users can purchase an IMPT token, and convert them to carbon credits which are minted to NFTs and can be traded on

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Note: Carbon Credits tokens can also be burnt to compensate for your carbon footprint, and in reward, you will be gifted with a collectable NFT – a unique artwork that has been created for this project.

Most crypto investors have seen the potential of the project and hence swapped up the tokens during the presale at a very fast rate.

2. A successful Presale

The most amazing and intriguing aspect of this token was how successful the presale was; the presale was due to end the next year but due to the incredible rush of the token – it ended on the 11th of December. It is commonly said that the first sign of a successful token is how it does on presale.

This can be likened to that of Tamadoge (TAMA) as it had a very successful presale just like that of IMPT’s and as soon as it got listed on various exchanges it exploded in price and investors got 10x of their investment.

The token has already been listed on various exchanges such as Uniswap, LBank, Changelly Pro, Etc.

3. The Project’s Team

Most of the unsuccessful tokens usually keep their project team anonymous hence making it easier for them to steal from investors and be unnoticeable, those with known investors aren’t verified as top gurus (experts) in the crypto realm and are just regular people hoping to make a fortune out of gullible customers and investors.

This is not the case with IMPT as its project’s team has been verified by Coinsniper (a Cryptocurrency voting platform), and Hacken (A Cyber-Security Company) has performed an extensive security audit on the organization. This shows that the platform is very safe for investors who need a bit more guarantee that it is safe to invest in the project. Most tokens are usually hyped by Youtubers who most of the time are wrong and are paid to popularize the tokens some of which are fraud but IMPT hasn’t been popularized by YouTubers who are trying their best to cover the amazing success of the presale.

4. Easy for Crypto newbies

The tokens have a very simple use and can be used by even beginners who are new to Crypto-Currency; the token doesn’t come with any obstacle for investors to jump through and is just a very straightforward process. 

5. The modernization of the Carbon Credit Trading Sector

Previously, the process of trading Carbon Credits which involves purchasing and exchanging is becoming very old, inefficient and challenging to crypto users. These difficulties have been alleviated with the introduction of the IMPT Marketplace.

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The IMPT Marketplace makes use of NFTs which can be traded on a Blockchain effortlessly around the clock without the need for a central authority to approve transactions or interfere with transactions. Its method of trading Carbon Credit is very easy to comprehend overall.

The IMPT shopping platform through its affiliate program has over 25,000 ESG-friendly companies offered for purchase and as a reward for users who purchase them, they will be receiving IMPT tokens.

Tip: This topic was extensively expatiated by a Crypto Analyst, Jacob Crypto Bury, on his YouTube channel.

Reasons why IMPT is a good future-proof investment

Below are some reasons why IMPT will be a good investment: 

1. It aims to create Eco-Aware Crypto-currency investors

Our world needs to be Eco-friendly and investors who wish to be part of a genuine environmentally-friendly cryptocurrency will probably lean towards IMPT. The platform is also hosted on an Ethereum-based network (ERC) which looks preferable to investors than other Blockchains. The ERC is one of the greener Blockchains as it uses a “Proof-of-Stake” which is more energy efficient than the Proof-of-Work that is used by other Blockchains.

2. Various uses of the IMPT Token

The token is like the life wire of the entire IMPT network. These tokens can be used to purchase, sell and exchange carbon credit NFTs; acquisition of these tokens enables holders to have access to NFT collections and other premium features on the platform.

In the long term, the IMPT team aims to convert its platform into a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

3. The potential advantage it gets from Appropriate Timing

The IMPT presale makes this a very wise investment and investors are seeing the green light on this project. The token also has a reduced price which provides a good opportunity for both novices and experienced investors to swap up some tokens.

IMPT Social media Channels 

All the social media channels of the platform are booming seriously due to its popularity but if you haven’t been on any of its platforms to enable you to follow its updates, here are its platforms:

Note: Beware of scammers, no admins will message you first.

Conclusion: IMPT Crypto Price Prediction

With this article, I hope you have understood in detail why the IMPT token is a very good project and why you should invest in it. Various publications such as CryptoNews have speculated that this token has the potential of increasing by a value of 100x by 2050.

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