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Cryptoblades Review 2023: How to Play Cryptoblades and Earn $SKILL

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Welcome to Ayomikun Abraham’s blog cryptoblades review. CryptoBlades is a revolutionary web-based NFT roleplaying game launched on the Binance Smart Chain and brought to existence by the talented group of Riveted Games.

The core of the game revolves around rewarding players with SKILL tokens after defeating enemies and participating in raids.

They can hire additional characters, forge unique weapons, and reforge those weapons to increase their overall power.

Players can also trade their characters and weapons on an open marketplace. They can also stake their SKILL earnings and receive additional SKILL as a reward.

Cryptoblades Review

The most important part of CryptoBlades is the game contract and maintaining enough $SKILL to always be able to pay out players when necessary.

Cryptoblades review
Cryptoblades review

The main mechanism of tokenomic control is the oracle, which informs the game contract about the current dollar value of SKILL and is used to stabilize the different game functions such as minting NFTs and fight payouts to maintain a stable dollar value.

The flow of SKILL in and out of the contract is controlled by the faucets and sinks present in the game.

A faucet is an activity that distributes SKILL to players and a sink is any activity that consumes SKILL. Due to the limited supply of SKILL, a balance between the two is vital to game health.

Faucets in CryptoBlades distributes SKILL to players, and the rewards pool that the faucets use is replenished by any sinks in the game.

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The current faucets in the game are as follows:

  • Combat

The current sinks in the game are as follows:

  • Recruit Character
  • Forge Weapon
  • Reforge Weapon
  • Marketplace Tax
  • Early Withdrawal Tax

Future gameplay features will determine the balance of faucets and sinks, which the developers will carefully manage. In-game events can act as “tokenomic levers” to drive the flow of tokens in and out of the contract.

Cryptoblades Price Prediction

Cryptoblades $SKILL Token Review

SKILL serves as the native currency for CryptoBlades. Players leverage SKILL to acquire characters, forge and reforge weapons, and buy and sell on the CryptoBlades marketplace.

There is a maximum supply of 1,000,000 SKILL tokens.

The supply of SKILL is designated as follows:

  • IDO – 35%
  • Gameplay Incentives – 20%
  • Development – 20%
  • Initial Liquidity – 15%
  • Liquidity Incentives – 10%

$SKILL Token Utility

SKILL is the currency used to create and enhance the asset NFTs players use to play the game. Over time, more use cases will be created to increase the value of SKILL and circulate the economy of the game.

1. In Game Only Funds

  • In-Game-Only SKILL is SKILL that can only be spent on minting weapons and reforging.
  • In-Game-Only cannot be spent on the marketplace to purchase NFTs.
  • This SKILL is currently unobtainable at the moment, though this is maybe subject to change depending on future features.

2. Minting Characters

  • Characters are one of the two main NFTs currently available in CryptoBlades.
  • Characters are necessary to perform combat in CryptoBlades and only increase in value as the player continues to win fights.
  • All of the SKILL spent minting characters goes directly into the contract used to give fight payouts.

3. Minting Weapons

  • Weapons are one of the two main NFTs currently available in CryptoBlades.
  • Weapons are used by characters to perform fights and earn SKILL.
  • Minting weapons currently serve as the primary SKILL sink along with reforging. All of the SKILL spent minting weapons goes directly into the contract used to give fight payouts.

4. Reforging Weapons

  • Players can spend SKILL to burn one weapon into another, increasing its stats and value.
  • Reforging can be used when the player has an excess of weapons due to mass forging and gives value to low rarity weapons that other players might not want to purchase.
  • All of the SKILL spent reforging weapons goes directly into the contract used to give fight payouts.
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  • The SKILL for SKILL staking pool rewards SKILL in return for staking any SKILL from the player’s wallet or from any unclaimed in the rewards pool.
  • SKILL that gets staked in this pool gets locked for seven days, though additional deposits after the initial deposit do not “refresh” the seven-day lock period.
  • This means that users can stake a small amount of SKILL to start the lock timer and continue to top up the staked balance without extending the lock timer.
  • Unclaimed SKILL may be directly staked into this pool. Please note that staking unclaimed SKILL will refresh the user’s Early Withdraw Tax.
  • After seven days, users may withdraw their staked SKILL directly into their MetaMask wallets with zero tax.
  • This means that users may avoid the 15% tax altogether if they stake their unclaimed SKILL and wait for the seven-day lock period before withdrawing it all out with no tax.
  • The lock timer of staking only resets when the player withdraws any amount. This means that players may continue to top up their staking pool after the seven-day timer is up, and it will not lock them out of withdrawing their staked SKILL.

How to Play Cryptoblades and Earn $SKILL

SKILL is primarily obtained through successful combat encounters and the trading of NFTs on the marketplace. Over time, more features that reward SKILL will be developed to further increase the value of NFTs necessary to produce SKILL.

Cryptoblades Review


Ways to Earn $SKILL Playing Cryptoblades

1. Fights

Players can use their character and weapon NFTs to fight in the Combat tab of the application.

Fights are an on-chain transaction that takes the power values of the chosen character and chosen enemy and compares the calculated rolls to determine if the player wins or loses

2. Earnings Calculator

CryptoBlades has a built-in calculator where the player may input a dollar value for both SKILL and BNB, and then the stats of their current character and selected weapon.

The calculator will then show the potential daily and monthly earnings based on a specific amount of wins compared to the total daily flights.

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The calculator does not take into account the potential of the character to level. Due to the speed at which starting characters level up, it might be good to do new calculations when the character in question reaches the next milestone.

3. Claiming SKILL

SKILL won through combat will be reflected in the player’s Rewards bar on the upper left-hand side of the screen. If the Rewards bar is not visible, you may select the gear icon on the upper right-hand side of the screen and enable the Rewards bar.

Cryptoblades review

Claiming SKILL from the rewards pool may subject the player to the Early Withdraw Tax, explained in the section below.

4. Early Withdraw Tax

Each player is subject to an Early Withdraw Tax that disincentivizes the rapid withdrawing and selling of SKILL on a day-to-day basis.

The tax initially starts at 15%, reducing by 1% per day until it hits 0%.

Each time the player withdraws SKILL, or stakes unclaimed SKILL on the staking pool, the tax resets back to 15%.

Users who wish to avoid the tax may find some more information on the staking page, found here:

5. Trading

Players may trade their NFTs on the marketplace for SKILL. Players may also conduct peer-to-peer trades through the use of the NFT contracts.


Cryptoblades vision is for gamers to regain control of their digital assets, Play to Earn, and increase the adoption of blockchain technology in their everyday lives.

Their mission is to provide a fun and profitable experience for our players, to create a healthy and excited community around blockchain gaming, and build an ecosystem of Play to Earn systems to meet the needs of all gamers around the

DisclaimerThis article is not final and will be updated from time to time. The purpose of this document is to provide selected details about the gameplay and the economy of CryptoBlades. The information outlined in this document may not be exhaustive and does not imply any elements of a contractual relationship. Nothing in this document shall be deemed to constitute a prospectus of any sort or a solicitation for investment.

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  1. Well written content.
    You explained in details and said it all. I’m so much loving the game and your article have given more insights on how i could earn more $skill.

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