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How to Create a YouTube Channel in 2023 (Promotion & Optimizations)

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Have you been thinking of how to start a YouTube channel.? If your answer is yes, in this article we would guide you through.

According to statistics, YouTube has continue to grow unprecedentedly in terms of number of visitors, amount of revenue generated and the number of videos on its platform.

Whether you want to do a two to three minutes advertisement for your product, do a tutorial video or maybe you want to upload a movie, YouTube is your plug.

But needless to say, first and foremost you will need to create an account on the platform .

Even if you have no experience on Youtube, you don’t need to worry as this article will make it simple and straightforward.

If you’re a total newcomer to YouTube, don’t sweat it. The process is relatively straightforward and creating your channel only takes a few minutes.

How to Create A YouTube channel

To start you will need a Google account. If you don’t have one create one. But if you have one just proceed to sign in. This is the account that you are going to link to your YouTube account. Visit YouTube and setup your channel by filling out the necessary information.

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Now let’s go into the process step by step

Step 1: sign in to your Google account.

As earlier stated, to create a YouTube channel you will need a Google account.

Some people prefer to use their existing Google account while others prefer to create a new account.

Creating a new one is often adviced as there won’t be issues bothering security of your personal information.

Note that , the Google account name is not the YouTube channel name .

Step 2 : setting up the name for your business chanell

Once you have your Google account ready, go to YouTube website. To start designing your YouTube channel, click on the top right corner of the page and a set of options will show. Click on my channel.

After that put in your first name and last name. If the channel is for your business, click the ” use a business or other name” option.

This will lead you to a place where you will enter your brands name. This will be the name associated with the brand account.

Now let us proceed to how to attract viewers and potential customers. We’ll also look at search engine optimization for YouTube.

Step 3 : Fill out further information about your YouTube channel

Click on the ‘ customize channel’ button. This will take you to more tools needed to make your channel better.

Step 4 – Choose an icon and artwork for the channel

Before viewers start viewing your videos, make sure your YouTube channel has an image. Just as twitter and Facebook pages have cover and profile pictures, YouTube is of no exception.

It is important that note that the dimensions for the channel icon is recommended as a eight hundred by eight hundred pixels but it displays as a ninety eight by ninety eight.

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The channel banner is two thousand five hundred sixty by one thousand four hundred and forty pixels. This is suitable for mobile as well as Web.

Since the dimensions are large , it is required you use high resolution images. This is where resources and tools such as canva are invaluable as you can create high resolution images in a couple of seconds.

It takes time and experimenting to get the perfect YouTube channel image for your channel.

Step 5 : Describe your channel

Although many people like to skip the about the section of your profile, it is a crucial part of a YouTube channel that can get you followers. This is where you can be personal and close with your viewers.

The description shouldn’t be complex. A simple and short mission or welcome message would be perfect. You can also add your links to social media profiles. Your contact information will not be bad.

YouTube allows up to 5 urls and link texts up to thirty characters.

As an advantage, YouTube put your social media links on your channels banner to make them more easy for your viewers to see.

Don’t start putting a keywords in the description area, but this should give the viewers an insight on what the YouTube channel is about.

Step 6 : feature some channels and setup activity.

Just like Facebook and Twitter, YouTube is like a community. To show your presence you have to follow other channels and like other videos.

By doing this you are showing your fellow content makers that you love and care for them. It is also a way to make your channel appear more frequently even without uploading.

Although there are no specific channels you should feature and like, focus more on industry leaders ; the ones you admire. Also try as much as possible to stay away from controversy.

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Also try as much as possible to be strict and professional and your channel.

Go to your channel settings and ensure that your subscriptions and liked videos are open for public view. This would help in completing your profile.

Now that your profile is ready. You can start uploading your videos.


Optimization your YouTube channel

Once your account is sorted out, the next step is to optimize your channel and is the important part. Let’s touch on some few tips.

    • 1. A channel trailer

The best way for YouTubers to start their optimization is to create a channel trailer. This is meant to tell first timers about your channel. This also gives a feel of what they should be expecting. They should be about thirty minutes long.

    • 2. Fine-tune the details of each video

With a video you create you have an opportunity to gain more viewers and subscribers. Every YouTube channel has what it takes to become great If they are crafting the right kind of content that the viewers like.

Here are some key aspects to pay attention to when optimizing your YouTube channel:

    • 1.Relevant keywords and phrases in the titles and descriptions
    • 2. Crafting custom captions and transcripts that make your videos easier for YouTube to crawl
    • 3. Creating unique thumbnail images that catch the eyes of potential viewers
    • 4. Tagging your videos to make them show up in relevant search queries

How to promote your YouTube business channel for the long term


You should not be surprised that videos represent some of the most engaged with one media platforms. So you can’t just sit there and expect followers.

Whether through social scheduling, commenting on other videos or running ads, finding new opportunities to promote your YouTube channel should be a top priority of any budding creator.


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