Code to Check BVN: How To Check BVN On MTN, Airtel, GLO, 9mobile, Etisalat.

Code to Check BVN: How To Check BVN On MTN, Airtel, GLO, 9mobile, Etisalat.

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Have you ever heard of BVN? If you’re not familiar with this term, don’t worry – you’re not alone. BVN stands for Bank Verification Number, and it is an identification system introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria to curb fraud in the banking sector. In this article, we will delve into the importance of BVN, why you should protect it, and how to check your BVN on various mobile networks. So, let’s get started!

Importance of BVN

BVN is a unique 11-digit number assigned to every bank customer in Nigeria. It serves as a means of identification across all banks and can be used for various banking transactions. The importance of BVN cannot be overstated, as it helps to combat identity theft, money laundering, and fraudulent activities within the financial system.

Code to Check BVN: How To Check BVN On MTN, Airtel, GLO, 9mobile, Etisalat.
Code to Check BVN: How To Check BVN On MTN, Airtel, GLO, 9mobile, Etisalat.

With your BVN, you can link multiple bank accounts to a single identification number, making it easier to track and monitor your transactions. This helps you maintain financial transparency and ensures that your hard-earned money is secure.

Why You Should Protect Your BVN

Your BVN is a valuable piece of information that should be guarded with utmost care. Just like your social security number or national identification number, your BVN can be misused if it falls into the wrong hands. Therefore, it is crucial to take necessary steps to protect your BVN.

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Here are a few reasons why you should safeguard your BVN:

  • Identity theft prevention: Identity thieves can use your BVN to gain unauthorized access to your bank accounts, credit facilities, or even take out loans in your name. By protecting your BVN, you reduce the risk of falling victim to such fraudulent activities.
  • Financial security: Your BVN is directly linked to your financial assets. By safeguarding your BVN, you ensure that only authorized individuals have access to your bank accounts and financial information.
  • Personal information protection: Your BVN contains personal details such as your name, date of birth, and biometric data. Protecting your BVN ensures that your personal information remains secure and reduces the risk of identity theft.

How to Check BVN on MTN (using *565*0#)

If you’re an MTN user and want to check your BVN, follow these simple steps:

  • Dial *565*0# on your mobile phone.
  • Press the call button.
  • A message will pop up showing your BVN.

Remember to keep your BVN confidential and delete the message once you have noted down your BVN.

How to Check BVN on Airtel (using *565*0#)

Airtel users can easily check their BVN by following these steps:

  • Dial *565*0# on your Airtel mobile phone.
  • Press the call button.
  • You will receive a message displaying your BVN.

As with any other network, ensure that you keep your BVN secure and avoid sharing it with unauthorized individuals.

How to Check BVN on GLO (using *565*0#)

Checking your BVN on GLO is a breeze. Just follow these steps:

  • Dial *565*0# on your GLO mobile phone.
  • Press the call button.
  • A message will be sent to you containing your BVN.
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Always remember to protect your BVN and refrain from sharing it openly.

How to Check BVN on 9Mobile (using *565*0#)

For 9Mobile users who want to check their BVN, here’s what you need to do:

  • Dial *565*0# on your 9Mobile mobile phone.
  • Press the call button.
  • Your BVN will be sent to you via SMS.
  • Keep your BVN confidential and avoid sharing it with anyone.


1. What is BVN and why is it important?

BVN, or Bank Verification Number, is a unique identification number that every customer of Nigerian banks is required to have. It serves as a means of verifying and authenticating the identity of bank account holders. BVN is important for several reasons:

  • Enhanced Security: BVN helps to combat identity theft, fraud, and other cybercrimes in the banking sector. By linking customers’ biometric data to their bank accounts, it becomes difficult for criminals to impersonate or gain unauthorized access to accounts.
  • Convenience: BVN simplifies banking transactions by providing a unique identification number that can be used across different banks. This eliminates the need for multiple identification processes and allows customers to access a wide range of banking services seamlessly.
  • Financial Inclusion: BVN plays a crucial role in promoting financial inclusion in Nigeria. By creating a centralized and reliable database of bank account holders, it becomes easier for banks to provide financial services to previously unbanked individuals. This ultimately contributes to the growth of the economy.


2. How can I register for BVN?

To register for BVN, follow these steps:

  • Visit any branch of a participating bank: BVN registration can only be done in person at a bank branch. Choose a bank where you already have an account or prefer to open one.
  • Complete the BVN enrollment form: Fill out the BVN enrollment form with accurate information and provide the necessary documents, such as a valid means of identification (e.g., international passport, driver’s license) and proof of address.
  • Capture your biometric data: Proceed to the designated registration area where your biometric data, including fingerprints and facial recognition, will be captured. This information will be linked to your BVN.
  • Obtain your BVN: After successful registration, you will be issued a BVN acknowledgment slip that contains your unique identification number. It is important to keep this slip safe and avoid sharing it with unauthorized person.
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3. What are the benefits of having BVN?

Having a BVN offers several benefits to bank account holders:

  • Fraud Prevention: BVN helps protect your bank account from unauthorized transactions and fraudulent activities. With your biometric data linked to your BVN, it becomes challenging for criminals to impersonate you or gain access to your funds.
  • Account Linking: BVN enables you to link multiple accounts across different banks to your BVN. This simplifies banking operations as you can access various accounts and services using a single identification number.
  • Easier KYC (Know Your Customer) Compliance: BVN provides banks with reliable data for customer identification and verification. This streamlines the customer onboarding process and reduces the need for extensive documentation.
  • Access to Credit Facilities: BVN enhances your credit profile by providing banks with a robust identity verification system. This may increase your chances of obtaining credit facilities, such as loans and mortgages, as it demonstrates your commitment to financial responsibility.


In conclusion, BVN is an essential tool in the fight against fraud in the Nigerian banking sector. By understanding the importance of BVN and taking necessary precautions to protect it, you can ensure the safety and security of your financial information. We have also discussed how to check your BVN on MTN, Airtel, GLO, and 9Mobile networks using the respective USSD codes. Remember, always keep your BVN confidential and avoid sharing it with unauthorized individuals.

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