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Sponsored Links Review: In search of paraphrasing tools for bloggers, we came across, one of the most helpful resources.

Here, we will discuss in detail why it is one of the top options for not only bloggers but also students, marketers, and even researchers worldwide.  

You will find details about the working steps, features, and different functions of this online paraphrase tool

So without any delay, let us dig into the details of 

Introduction to is an AI tool that uses machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to paraphrase content. 

The content generated by this tool is quite human-like, free of errors, and unique. 

If you want to ensure quality and uniqueness in your blog articles, you should check out this utility. Review - Best Tool for Bloggers to Paraphrase Sentences

This freemium tool offers six different modes. 

Three modes are free; the other three can be used under the paid plan. The details of these writing modes are mentioned below:

  • Creative/General: This is the basic mode of this paraphrase tool. With this mode, you can create multiple versions of the same text. In the creative mode, the tool would replace synonyms, change word form and modify the sentence structure. The output content would be different yet would convey the same context.
  • Anti-Plagiarism: This mode also lies under the free plan. As the name tells us, this mode removes plagiarism from the text. If you have found duplication in your drafts, you can get the content paraphrased and eliminate similarities for free.
  • Fluency: The fluency mode of is used to simplify complex sentences and paragraphs. If you feel like the content you have written is hard to read, you can use this free mode to make the content clear and concise for the readers.
  • Formal: This mode comes with premium plans. As the name tells us, this mode is programmed to make your content fluent and engaging.
  • Academic: The academic mode is designed for students and researchers. By paraphrasing content with this mode, students can get formal, logically ordered, and conclusive content for their essays, assignments, and dissertations. In the academic mode, the tool would paraphrase all text but not change the references, citations, and quotes.
  • SEO: The SEO mode is designed and developed for bloggers. In this mode, the tool would paraphrase all text but retain the keywords used in your blog articles.
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Steps to Paraphrase Sentences with

Now that you know about the different modes of this online paraphrasing tool, let us teach you how to get your blog content paraphrased with this tool in just a few clicks. 

1. Open the Online Paraphrase Tool on Your Browser

The first step is to navigate the tool on your browser. 

This is a cloud-based tool, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. 

The tool works perfectly fine on all devices as long as you have a browser and good connectivity. 

You can direct yourself to the tool via Review - Best Tool for Bloggers to Paraphrase Sentences

2. Type or Upload Text for Paraphrasing 

Once you open the tool, you will see two big text boxes on your screen. 

The left box is where you have to write or paste the content you want to paraphrase. 

You can also upload files from your local storage or your cloud drive. 

The free version of this paraphraser only accepts and can process 250 words of input in one go, so make sure you don’t exceed the given limit.

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3. Select Your Desired Paraphrase Mode

Once you have uploaded text or files in the input box, you must carefully select the mode you want to use. 

Every mode would get you different results based on their programming. 

If you want to paraphrase content generally, it is best to use the creative mode. 

If your blog article contains keywords, it is best to use the SEO mode. 

Note that output content’s style, tone, and readability would depend on the mode you selected. Review - Best Tool for Bloggers to Paraphrase Sentences

4. Fill in the Security Captcha & Click “Paraphrase”

After selecting the mode, you have to complete the security captcha. 

This step is important for security reasons. 

After you authenticate the security captcha, the tool can easily filter out all kinds of risks of spam. 

Now you have to click on the “Paraphrase” button. 

As soon as you hit paraphrase, the tool starts working. 

The tool would first analyze the input content, understand its context, and then paraphrase it. Review - Best Tool for Bloggers to Paraphrase Sentences

5. Export Paraphrased Text from the Tool

Once the paraphrasing process is done, the tool will present the results in the output box, which you can see on the right side of your screen. 

You can easily copy paraphrased content on your clipboard or export content in your desired format. 

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The tool allows you to download paraphrased text in Word, PDF, and TXT format, and that too for free. 

This is how simple it is to paraphrase content with this AI-powered tool. You can check out simple Android paraphrasing apps here. Review - Best Tool for Bloggers to Paraphrase Sentences

Features that Make this Tool Best for Bloggers!

Here are some of the features which make this tool a reliable choice as compared to many others:

  • Free Modes

The offers three free modes. 

You can use these modes whenever and wherever you want if you have a browser. 

In the free modes, you can paraphrase up to 250 words, which is a decent limit compared to other premium options like QuillBot.

  • Extensive Synonym Library

The allows users to use the most suitable synonyms. 

Once the text has been paraphrased, you can click on the phrase or sentence you find a bit unnatural and replace it or paraphrase it with different words. 

This premium feature is available in all six modes. Review - Best Tool for Bloggers to Paraphrase Sentences

  • Smart AI-Powered Algorithms

The best content for blogs is the one that sounds natural and is free of all kinds of errors. 

As this paraphrasing tool uses AI and other advanced algorithms, the quality of content is always up to the mark, and the tone of the content is quite humane and natural. 

A common reader cannot find out that the blog article has been paraphrased with a tool.

Conclusion is one of the best tools for bloggers. Bloggers can use this tool to improve their written drafts’ quality and fluency.

The tool can also repurpose old articles in a new style and tone. Moreover, bloggers can also ensure uniqueness in their work with the help of the anti-plagiarism mode of this tool.

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