Opay and M Pesa: Which is better?

Opay vs M Pesa Comparison

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Are you looking for a safe way to send and receive money? Opay or M-pesa is among the best options to help you do that.  Both payment platforms have features that will enable you to do that.

But this article is focused on Opay vs M-pesa. Which is better? Before we answer that question, let’s look at the features and services both platforms offer, as it will help you to decide the one that is better for you.

Opay and M Pesa: which is better

Now let’s take a look at Opay.  Opay is an all-in-one payment solutions app. It also offers other services such as food delivery, ride hiring, airtime top-up, and many other benefits.  The opay service fee is meager and suitable for low-income earners.  The app is available for both Android-powered phones and iOS systems. You can pay your bills, book a ride, order food, purchase airtime and data, send funds across to your family and friends, as well as make merchant payments either online or offline. With Opay, you can pay with a bank account or using QR code scanning technology.

Next on the line is M Pesa. Like Opay, this is a functional mobile payment platform in some African countries. You can do a lot of financial transactions using M pesa. You can pay for goods and services, send money to your family and friends, and pay bills. You can also take a low-interest loan from M pesa. However, M pesa is more expensive than Opay and more secure than Opay.

Choosing any digital payment platform should be done having your needs in mind. Go for any of the two platforms that best suit your needs, whether it is cost efficiency or security features –  both Opay and M pesa offer similar payment services, and I assure you that their services are top-notch.

Transactions charges: Opay vs. M pesa

Transaction fees are one of the factors that customers look out for before deciding to use a specific payment platform.  The significant difference between Opay and M pesa is in their transaction fees.  Opay offers 25 free transactions monthly, meaning that customers will not be charged any fee until they perform up to 25 transactions either on the App or ATM withdrawal.  This means that users can do transfers, bill payments, and cash withdrawals using Opay cards free of charge.

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Like Opay, M pesa doesn’t offer any free service. They charge a small amount per transaction. For instance, if you are sending money from your M Pesa wallet to another M Pesa wallet, it will attract some fee depending on the amount you are sending.

However, both platforms have advantages and disadvantages; it is crystal clear that with Opay, you can save a lot of money that would have gone out as a service fee. If you are the type that does transactions regularly, going for Opay will be more economical in the long run.  However, if you are looking for a more convenient way of making transactions and don’t mind paying a small amount, then M Pesa should be your choice. 

Payment options: Opay vs. M Pesa 

Now let’s look at the transfer option that each of those mobile money service apps offers.  It might interest you that both Opay and M Pesa offer domestic and international transfers.  But some differences should be noted.

Domestic Transfer 

With Opay, you can transfer and receive money in Nigeria. All this can be done using the Opay app or an Opay agent.  With Opay, money is transferred to someone with a phone or bank account. The transactions are always fast and secure.

On the other hand, M pesa is not functional in Nigeria; its domestic Transfer service is within Kenya and Tanzania. Like Opay, you can use M pesa via their app or by visiting any of their accredited agents. Note that for you to receive payment using M Pesa, it is required that you have an M Pesa registered account.

International Transfers

Opay and M Pesa also offer international money transfer services.

With Opay, you can send money to countries like Ghana and Kenya.  The transaction fee varies depending on the country you are sending money to and the amount you are sending.

While with M Pesa, you can send money from Kenya and Tanzania to other countries like India and Mozambique. The transaction fees depend on the amount and the country you send the fund to.

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Both mobile payment service platforms have their strengths and weaknesses when it transfer options.  If sending money domestically within Nigeria or Kenya/Tanzania, Opay and M pesa are good options, respectively. However, if you want to send money internationally, it will be wise to compare fees for the country you are sending to , specifically on both platforms. This is to know the ones that are cheaper and faster.

Savings and loans: Opay vs. M Pesa 

Opay and M Pesa both have options for savings and loans.  Opay loan service is known as “Okash.” Opay users can apply for a loan, which ranges from N5,000 and N50,000, from their mobile phones. The loan repayment schedule is mostly 14 or 30 days, as the case may be.  Opay has a saving service known as “Owealth.” This service allows users to save money and earn interest of 10% per annum. Users are free to withdraw their funds anytime they wish.

Like Opay, M Pesa also has its own loan and savings service. The M Pesa loan service is known as “Mshwari ”. Users can apply for a loan up to KSh 100 to KSh 20,000.  The loan’s interest rate is 7.5%, and the repayment period is within 30 days.  M pesa savin g service is known as “M pesa Kadogo,” where users can save a small amount of money and get an interest rate of 4.1% per annum.

Overall, both payment platforms offer similar financial services regarding loans and savings. However, your choice should be made based on the one available in your country, your need, loan interest percentage.

Opay vs. M pesa: which is better?

Opay and M Pesa have contributed heavily towards digitizing African financial services.  But the question here is which is better; let’s break it down! 


In terms of Available, M Pesa is better. This is because, currently, Opay is only used in Nigeria. At the same time,pesa is used in multiple African countries such as  Kenya, Tanzania, and Mozambique. M Pesa can be used across borders.

Fees of Opay and M Pesa 

In international transactions, both Opay and M Pesa charge transaction fees; however, the amount depends on the country and the amount being sent. Opay charges no cost for any transactions carried out within Nigeria. M pesa charges a fee on any transactions but has a loyalty program that offers users discounts on transaction fees.

Features of Opay and M Pesa 

M Pesa focuses only on banking services while offering related financial services such as Bill payments and airtime top-ups. Opay added a lot of other services to their lists, such as Bike and car-hailing services,  food delivery, and some micro-investment opportunities.

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User Experience of Opay and M Pesa

Both platforms have mobile apps that are used to carry out financial transactions and account management. The app is designed for easy usage and navigation.  M Pesa app interface is easier to navigate than the Opay app, especially for those who are not too tech-savvy.

Generally, the decision of which of the payment platforms is better depends on your specific needs and preference. If you want a mobile money service with more features and investment opportunities, then Opay should top your list. However, if you want a payment service available in multiple countries and offers a loyalty program, then M Pesa is the best choice.

FAQs: Opay vs M Pesa, which is better 

What is Opay?

Opay is a digital payment service platform that allows users to send and receive funds within Nigeria. It also offers a loan and savings service where users can borrow and save their funds for 10% annual interest. Opay provides other services such as food delivery, bill payment, and ride-hailing.

What is M Pesa?

M Pesa is a multi-country Digital payment service that originated in Kenya. With M Pesa users can receive and send funds across, pay for goods and services, borrow and save. M Pesa is available in Kenya and some other East Africa countries.

Which is better, Opay or M Pesa?

We can’t possibly tell you which is better as it depends on your personal needs and location. The only thing we would tell you is that both platforms offer similar financial services. Opay is available in Nigeria while M Pesa is available in Kenya and other East African countries.  It’s up to you to decide the one that best fits your financial needs.

Is M pesa functional in Nigeria?

No. M Pesa doesn’t work in Nigeria. For you to use M Pesa, you will have to be in a location where it is legalized.

Is Kuda functional in Kenya? 

No, Kuda is not legalized in Kenya. You can’t use it to make payments or transactions.


In summary, Both Opay and M Pesa are good mobile payment service providers. Opay is only available in Nigeria as of now and M Pesa is available in Kenya and other African countries. Deciding the one that is the best is left for you as it has to do with your location and needs 

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