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Microsoft will incorporate ChatGPT into Bing in order to compete with Google Search

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Category-leading firms forge a new competitive foundation by offering orthogonal competitive paths that no other firm offers. Google unleashed one many years ago in the world of search, taking Yahoo down in the process. For years, no other company has dared to challenge Google search’s brilliance and absolute dominance.

However, a redesign is in the works, and Microsoft is a part of it. When Microsoft gave truckloads of money to the OpenAI guys, I noticed that Microsoft might have the first rights to commercialize inventions that came out of the organization. Yes, it’s called OpenAI, but not everything is “open” when it comes to money.

That appears to be the strategy now, as we learn that Microsoft intends to incorporate ChatGPT into Bing, its forgettable search engine: “Microsoft is reportedly planning to incorporate ChatGPT into its Bing search service, a move geared toward wrestling more shares of web queries from rival Google. According to The Information, Microsoft intends to launch the new feature by the end of the first quarter of 2023. The change will pave a new path for web search results, altering the link-based answers that Bing and Google have previously provided.”

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Google, open your eyes: you are currently under attack. Why? ChatGPT prepares the meal for me while you send me links to grocery stores where I can buy the ingredients. ChatGPT is miles ahead of that model and results organization as it collects more data and becomes smarter. Yes, who wants to click links when you can get the answer right away?

If you search Bing for “who had an edge on text search,” Bing may soon respond: Bing over Google!

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