How to get a Loan without BVN in Nigeria – Loan Apps without BVN in Nigeria

List of Loan Apps without BVN in Nigeria

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Are you in need of quick cash for something urgent? Do you want a soft loan that doesn’t require you to provide your BVN or any collateral? 

Of course, you can secure a loan using your BVN, that sounds good, right?

Loan app without BVN

Many loan companies in Nigeria may allow you to have access to their loan without requiring you to supply them with your Bank Verification Number (BVN) or Collateral. In this blog post, we will tell you about those platforms where you can borrow quick money by providing your BVN.

Understanding what is BVN

BVN, also known as Bank Verification Number, is a unique 11-digit identification number that every bank customer in Nigeria must have. 

It has been introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as a means of addressing issues relating to identity theft, fraud, and money laundering in the Nigerian banking system. 

BVN is a biometric-based system that captures the fingerprints and face of the bank customer, as well as other personal information such as date of birth and phone number. 

Once a BVN is issued, it becomes the only means of identification that the customer will use across all banks in Nigeria. 

With BVN, transactions can be conducted with ease, as it eliminates the need for multiple identification processes, reduces bank fraud, and ensures the security of banking operations in the country. 

BVN has become an essential requirement for opening bank accounts, accessing loans, and performing other banking transactions in Nigeria.

Best loan App without BVN In Nigeria.

Several loan platforms in Nigeria give out quick loans to their customers. It is known that before you can secure a loan with the top loan companies in Nigeria, you will be required to provide your BVN.  The question is which of those loan apps doesn’t require BVN? if there is any.

In this blog post, you will find answers to those questions concerning loan apps without BVN.  After going through this article, you will have more knowledge on if a loan company is capable of blocking your BVN, How safe your BVN is with a loan company, and whether A loan company offers a loan without a BVN.

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List of Loan Apps without BVN – Loans without BVN in Nigeria

In this section of the post, we will tell you some of those loan apps that you don’t necessarily need a BVN before accessing their loan. Those platforms are the top digital lending platforms in Nigeria.

Remember that it depends on the amount of loan you are requesting, and the type of repayment schedule plan you choose. Now let’s go into details on Loan App without BVN.

Aella Credit Loan App without BVN 

The first on our list is the Aella Credit Loan App, which is a digital lending platform in Nigeria. With Aella Credit Loan App you can access loans very quickly and conveniently.  Aella Credit Loan App is user-centric and offers loans without requesting your BVN, which makes Aella a must-go-to App for potential borrowers.

Even if you need a quick loan or you are looking to collect a loan without the stress of filling out a bunch of documents, Aella Credit Loan App without BVN is a loan platform you should try out.  With Aella Credit Loan without BVN, you can borrow up to N2,000  to N1,000,000. Apart from giving out loans Aella also provides other related financial services to their customers.

The online lending platform has a quick and straightforward loan application process, their approval is fast and one could get the loan disbursed within ten minutes of application. 

Even though we wrote that Aella Credit Loan App doesn’t require BVN currently, this policy might change shortly. We would advise you to always check their policy before proceeding with your loan application at any point in time.

FairMoney Loan App without BVN 

If you are accustomed to digital payment platforms, you know that FairMoney Loan App needs no introduction as it is one of the leading digital loan platforms in Nigeria.

With the FairMoney Loan App, you need to go through the application process, a bunch of documents filling and signing, and a longer waiting period. With a few clicks on the FairMoney Loan App, you will get your loan within minutes.  

FairMoney loan App doesn’t need BVN, documentation, Collateral, or any guarantor.

With the FairMoney Loan App, you can apply for a loan anywhere you are, as long as you have an internet connection. You are not required to do any paperwork or provide your BVN. With a few clicks, your funds will arrive in your bank account.

FairMoney Loan platform can give you a loan of N1,000 to N150,000 with a repayment schedule of 2 to 12 weeks.  FairMoney also offers other financial services such as Bill payments, savings, and use to fund a major purchase. 

If you want to use the FairMoney Loan App, go to your play store or apple store and download the app, sign up for your account, and begin borrowing a stress-free loan.

JumiaOne Loan Application without BVN

Jumiaone is another leading digital loan platform in Nigeria. Where borrowers can borrow loans without BVN.  This is a user-friendly mobile app that is not only used to borrow money, it is also used to perform other related services such as Bill payments, airtime purchases, and savings.

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Unlike the traditional banking system, Jumiaone mobile app eliminated the need for a BVN during loan application. Making it more convenient for customers and users to borrow hassle-free loan  

To start using Jumia One mobile app for loans without BVN, users need to download the app from either the google play store or apple store, fill out the application form, set up their password, and two-factor authentication security you are good to go. Navigate to to “Financial service” area.   All the application is done using the App in minutes your loan will be sitting on your account.

As a Loan platform, Jumiaone takes the security of the platform very seriously; they have high-key cybersecurity measures to protect customers’ privacy and vital information.  This is to make sure that the app is a properly secured environment for financial transactions. 

Jumia One mobile app is growing to be a force to reckon with in the world of digital payment through their swift loan disbursement, which is always useful during emergencies or any urgent issues. 

Like other apps that we have discussed, make sure you check their policies daily as they may require BVN to access their loan in the nearest future.

Carbon Loan Application (formerly Pay )

Paylater was the initial lunch name, howe,ver the owners later changed it to Carbon loan application App.  This is another excellent option for a quick loan without a BVN.

With the Carbon loan app, users can borrow amounts ranging from N5,000 to N1,000,000  with a repayment schedule of 7 to 180 days. With a few clicks on the app, your loan will be disbursed within Three or four minutes of application.  You will get your loan directly to your bank account.

The carbon loan app offers a loan application that is very simple and easy. Once customers provide their details on the loan app, you are done. The app is designed to provide a seamless experience from start to finish.

Carbon loan apps have strong security protocols that ensure that customers’ privacy is protected against malicious attacks. They make use of New advanced encryption technology to protect customers’ information.  

With the Carbon loan app, you are allowed to choose the amount of loan you want, and the repayment schedule. You can use Carbon app loans to offset bills and other things.

With Carbon, you are sure to get a reliable loan for immediate financial assistance. Loans are approved pretty fast through the app and you also get your loan into your bank account.

Okash loan app without BVN 

Okash loan app is a subsidiary of the Opay mobile payment service platform.  It also provides loans without BVN for users.  Okash is becoming a household name in digital lending platforms for its easy and user-friendly lending approach. You can access the platform via the Opay app. Okash is managed by Opay Digital services limited/pay com. 

Okash provides loans for customers without requesting BVN (Bank Verification Number).  The Okash loan platform is backed by Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank Ltd, adding an extra layer of trustworthiness for its users.

While other loan apps and banks need your BVN before they can grant your loan application,  Okash Doesn’t require BVN which makes their application process simpler and faster. 

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You should remember that it’s pivotal to exercise caution with all financial agreements. Before borrowing any loan, always review all the terms and conditions. Understanding the details of the loan is very paramount to making thoughtful decisions, making sure that you are aware of all the financial obligations and can also be able to pay off your loan on time.

Why it’s  hard to get a loan without BVN 

BVN (Bank Verification Number) is a unique identification number issued to every Nigerian bank customer by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). It is a crucial requirement for facilitating banking transactions and accessing financial services in the country. Hence, it has become increasingly difficult to get a loan without BVN as it has become an essential identity verification tool in the Nigerian financial industry.

Lenders use BVN to verify the identity and creditworthiness of prospective borrowers, as it contains their biometric and personal information, including name, date of birth, photograph, and fingerprints. This information helps lenders to assess the risk level of the borrower and determine their creditworthiness, which is a crucial factor in lending decisions.

Furthermore, BVN helps combat fraudulent activities in the financial industry. It provides a reliable means of authenticating the identity of bank customers and helps detect and prevent identity theft, money laundering, and other financial crimes that pose a risk to the financial system.

Having a BVN is essential in accessing financial services and obtaining loans from Nigerian banks. Without a BVN, a prospective borrower cannot be fully identified, and lenders cannot accurately assess their creditworthiness, making it difficult to grant loans. Therefore, it is crucial for individuals looking to access credit facilities to obtain a BVN to improve their chances of securing a loan.

FAQ on Loan App without BVN 

What is a loan without BVN?

BVN stands for Bank Verification Number, and a loan app without BVN means that the lending platform doesn’t require BVN before you can access their loan.

Where can I get a loan without my BVN? 

Firstly, you can get a loan without BVN, and some loan apps offer loans without BVN or Collateral. Examples of such loan platforms include FairMoney, Aella, Okash, Carbon loan app (known as Paylater before).

Are loans without BVN Good?

Yes for the customers it is good but for the lending platforms, it’s more of taking a higher risk. However, it will interest you to know that no single lending platform will lend you a loan without BVN.  So while the process is easier and more convenient, it is also necessary to have a repayment plan.

Why do I need a BVN loan in Nigeria? 

Loan platforms need your BVN to verify your identity which will reduce the risk of fraudulent activities.

How much can I borrow without BVN? 

You can borrow from N1,000 to N1,000,000 depending on the platform. Some platforms won’t allow you to borrow without verifying your account.


In Nigeria, some loan apps don’t require BVN, however, you must do your research to check the reputation of the loan app. The reason why the loan app offers a loan without BVN is to make the process easy and stress-free. Remember that your BVN is your private banking number and should not be used carelessly.

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