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How to Block Loan App Calls on Your iPhone and Android phones.

How to Block Loan App Calls on Your iPhone and Android phones.

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We understand the importance of effective strategies for collecting unpaid loans. One such strategy is constant calling, where lenders repeatedly contact loan defaulters to remind them of their repayment obligations. In this article, we will explore how constant calling can be used as an effective tool for ensuring loan repayment. We will provide you with methods to stop loan app calls on your phone while emphasizing the importance of fulfilling your loan obligations. Read on to discover how to block loan app calls on your iPhone and Android phone, the implications of blocking those calls, and find answers to frequently asked questions.

How to Stop Loan App Calls on Your Phone

Blocking Loan App Calls on Your iPhone

If you’re being bombarded with loan app calls on your iPhone and wish to put an end to it, follow these simple steps to block them:

  • Open your phone’s settings and scroll down to find “Phone”.
  • Tap on “Phone” and select “Call Blocking & Identification”.
  • Select “Block Contact” and search for the loan app contacts you want to block.
  • Once you find the contact, tap on it and confirm the block.
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By following these steps, you can effectively block loan app calls on your iPhone and enjoy a more peaceful phone usage experience.

Blocking Loan App Calls on Your Android Phone

For Android phone users, blocking loan app calls is just as easy. Follow these steps to put an end to the constant calling:

  • Open your phone’s settings and navigate to “Call Settings“.
  • Tap on “Block Numbers” or “Blocked Contacts”, depending on your phone’s settings.
  • Select “Add a Number” and enter the contact details of the loan app you wish to block.
  • Save the contact, and you’re done! The loan app calls will no longer bother you.
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These easy steps ensure that loan app calls are blocked on your Android phone, allowing you to focus on other important matters without unnecessary interruptions.

Implications of Blocking Loan App Calls

While blocking loan app calls may provide temporary relief from the constant reminders to repay your loan, it is essential to understand the implications of this action. Blocking calls from lenders can have the following consequences:

  • Missed Opportunities for Negotiation: By blocking loan app calls, you may miss out on valuable opportunities to negotiate new repayment terms or discuss alternative solutions to your financial situation.
  • Potential Damage to Credit Score: Failure to address loan repayment can result in a negative impact on your credit score. By blocking calls, you may delay or hinder the resolution of your outstanding loan, further damaging your creditworthiness.
  • Legal Ramifications: Depending on the terms of your loan agreement, blocking calls from lenders may violate the loan contract. This could potentially lead to legal action against you, adding to your financial burdens.

Considering these implications, it is crucial to find a balance between stopping loan app calls and fulfilling your loan obligations responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can I block loan app calls without facing any consequences?

While you have the right to block unwanted calls, it’s important to be aware of the potential consequences such as missed negotiation opportunities, damage to your credit score, and potential legal ramifications.

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Are there any alternative strategies to constant calling for collecting unpaid loans?

Yes, there are several alternatives to constant calling that can be effective in collecting unpaid loans. These include sending reminder emails or letters, offering incentives for early repayment, and utilizing debt collection agencies.

Is it advisable to completely ignore loan app calls if I’m unable to repay my loan?

Ignoring loan app calls can have severe consequences. It is highly recommended to communicate with your lender to discuss your financial situation and explore possible solutions. Ignoring the issue will not make it go away and may worsen the situation in the long run.


Constant calling can be an effective strategy in encouraging loan defaulters to repay their loans. However, it is crucial to strike a balance between managing loan app calls and fulfilling loan obligations responsibly. While blocking these calls may provide temporary relief, it is important to consider the implications such as missed negotiation opportunities, potential damage to credit scores, and legal ramifications. By being proactive in addressing loan repayment concerns and exploring alternative strategies, loan defaulters can navigate their financial obligations more effectively.

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