Surface Laptop Studio Review (2022)

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Surface Laptop Studio

 Surface Laptop
The Surface Laptop is a line of laptops made by Microsoft as a sub-brand of their Surface devices. Let’s highlight some of all these laptops and the day they were released:
 Surface Laptop (1st generation), released in 2017;  Surface Laptop 2, released in 2018;  Surface Laptop 3, released in 2019;  Surface Laptop 4, released in 2019;  Surface Laptop Go, released in 2020;  Surface Laptop Studio, released in 2021;  Surface Laptop SE, released in 2021.
Which Microsoft Surface is Best for you?
If you need some of the best windows hardware in the market, look no further than Microsoft Surface brand. The problem with the Surface brand is that of choice; with such a complex family of laptops, which one suite your needs and possesses the characteristics you would need in your computer? We’ve classified it into 5 categories, do well to pick your choice:
1) Best Surface brand for most people:
After proper evaluation, we came to the conclusion that The Surface Laptop 4 is preferred by most people even though it is not too stylish or smart as the other models which made the Surface brand famous. It has a 13.5-inch high-resolution display accompanied with a sensational keyboard, a Steller glass trackback and a small case. It also has a magnetic charging port and for people who tend to trip over their power cord this will come as a life saver. Through the help of Windows Hello IR camera, you can now login into your computer with just a face scan instead of typing long passwords and it also comes with a fingerprint sensor which also serves as the power button.
2) Best 2-in-1 Laptop:
The Surface Pro 8 bridges the gap between a tablet and a laptop pretty well backed up with its 2880*1920-pixel resolution screen and a document friendly 3:2 aspect ratio. The screen has a 120Hz refresh rate but this will definitely tamper with the battery life. It has 2 USB-C ports, a magnetic charging port and a 1080p webcam but sadly it doesn’t come with an MicroSD slot.
3) Best for Students: The Surface Go 3 is also the smallest and most affordable member of the surface lineup. It has a 10.5inch screen and a windows 11 touchscreen experience but doesn’t have fast intel chips and lacks the all day battery that its predecessor had. It also comes with a Surface pen which can be very crucial when it comes jotting down notes; the best part of this laptop is that it is budget friendly.
3) Best for Power/ Battery consumers: The Surface Laptop Studio is all you could ever ask for; It can be grouped under the 2-in-1 laptops
which gives a very rare combination of both flexibility and power. It comes with an Intel i7 chip, 14-inchtouch display screen, 120Hz refresh rate and its haptic trackpads is one of the best touchpads in the
world competing with the likes of Apple. It can be changed into two modes:
i) Studio mode: For watching of movies
ii) Stage mode: For either drawing or taking down notes and making sketches.
It has a very high price which bumps up to $2100 but even this price looks like a steal considering the
kind of features which are built into this laptop.
4) Cute little laptop:
Permit me to use the word cute but that’s what seems proper to the Surface Laptop Go but that
doesn’t mean it is void of amazing features! Hell No, Let’s dive right into them:
i) A 1080p resolution which helps text to appear more pixelated.
ii) An Intel Core i5 chip
iii) It has a somewhat high price
iv) It comes in two options= 8GB RAM, 128GB ROM and the 8GB RAM,256GB ROM but the only one
available is the latter as the former has been sold out
v) It has an aluminum top and the bottom is made up of polycarbonate resin which makes it stiffer and
stronger than the regular plastic of a laptop.
The Surface Laptop Studio
This new brand of laptop made by Microsoft replaces the outgoing Surface Book line but still maintains
its unusual structure. This new laptop from Microsoft costs $1399.99 and is a chunky machine which
serves as a replacement to the desktop rather than a light notebook which can be carried with you
wherever you go. If you picture the laptop from the top it looks like a regular laptop made up of
magnesium and aluminum with a traditional hinge placed at the back of the laptop. Also, when you
open the laptop it looks more like an Apple MacBook Pro from the 2010s because it possesses a decent-
sized screen and an elegant 14.4in LCD touchscreen accompanied with a slick 120Hz refresh rate.
It possesses Windows Hello face recognition backed up with 4 good speakers, a nice keyboard and
also a haptic touchpad (which is a new feature) which puts Microsoft’s trackpads to compete with the
best-in-class models from Apple. Want to see magic? If you do, Just grab the display of the laptop and
twist it backwards then you will see the screen magnetically unclip at the bottom; this feature can also
be called “studio mode” or you can fold it way down onto the deck and this unlocks “Studio mode”.
Stage mode is designed for viewers to use when they feel like watching videos while Studio mode
transform the laptop into a drawing screen, backed up with a Slim Pen 2 stylus; it makes editing photos,
sketching and noting documents an easy thing. If you also turn the laptop over again it reveals another
design; a stepped back fan base which is hidden when on a desk.
Specifications Screen: 14.4in LCD 2400*1600 (201 PPI;120Hz) 
Processor: Intel Core i5 or i7 (11th generation)
 RAM: 16 or 32GB 
Storage: 256, 512GB, 1 or 2TB  Graphics: Intel Iris X or Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti
 Operating System: Windows 11  Camera: 1080p front-facing, Windows Hello 
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1,2x Thunderbolt 4/USB 4, headphones, Surface Connect
 Dimensions: 323.3*228.3*18.9mm  Weight: 1743 or 1820g
 Great Keyboard and trackpad  Very Nice screen accompanied with articulating modes  Thunder 4/USB  Decent battery life  Good as either a laptop or a drawing deck  Windows Hello
Cons 
 Very expensive  Limited port selection  No SD card slot  Slim Pen 2 is not included.

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