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Cost of DNA test in Nigeria: DNA test Requirements, Best Hospitals for DNA Test in Nigeria.

The cost of DNA test in Nigerian hospitals

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Cost of DNA test in Nigeria: DNA test Requirements, Best Hospitals for DNA test in Nigeria.

Deoxyribonucleic acid is a genetic material that is common in all living things including plants and animals.  Deoxyribonucleic acid testing is done with specific information about a person’s genetic makeup which includes: inherited disease, or paternity. The test requires the collection of samples like individual cells. This is done mostly through a check swap or blood sample. Followed by analyzing the unique sequence of their DNA.  We all know that every human body has the same DNA makeup. This means that the whole body system contains the same DNA and is different from others.  Normally, DNA is present in the cell nucleus of any plant or animal. Except in rare cases where the DNA is located in different places like the Mitochondria and the Chloroplast of a plant.

Cost of DNA test in Nigeria

Type of DNA test 

There are different types of DNA tests. It all depends on the objective or what you are testing for. Some of the most popular DNA tests include 

 There are three major DNA test types,  however, there are also others but these three are the most common tests carried out.

  • Y- DNA testing (Paternal Testing):  This type of DNA test is used to trace the direct father’s line ancestry.  Note that this type of test can only be used on people with a Y chromosome to discover their direct ancestry paternal lineage.  The reason is it is only Y chromosomes that can be transferred from a person’s direct biological father to his father and this goes for all the person’s generations.
  • Mitochondria DNA testing: This is also known as Maternal Testing, it is the opposite of Y-DNA testing.  This particular testing is done to discover someone’s maternal lineage i.e. Tracing both the biological mother and grandmother including all the matrilineal ancestry of an individual.
  • Autosomal DNA Testing: This is more complex  DNA testing when compared to Y chromosomes DNA and mtDNA testing.  In this testing both the DNA of the father and the mother i.e. the whole 22 pairs that make up the chromosomes. 
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With the 22 DNA sample pairs obtained can be used to check for a person’s distant relative, origin, and even a community that the person is from. In conclusion, this type of DNA analyzes both the mtDNA and Y-DNA testing.

Overall, in Nigeria, DNA testing is done to provide valuable information as regards a person’s health, ancestry, and relationships. 

Benefits of DNA Testing 

DNA testing comes with a lot of benefits which are not limited to discovering your origin (biological parents or lineage).  Here is why DNA testing is important to us.

  • DNA testing gives us an insight into our health status.
  • DNA tests help to identify possible contact with unknown diseases.
  • Checking your DNA will help you to know more about your family lineage’s health conditions giving you time to prepare and look out for solutions. This is because most families have the same genetic disease.  This means that they are certain diseases that flow throughout the family lineage.

Cost of DNA test in Nigeria hospitals 

The cost of DNA tests in Nigerian hospitals is not static as it depends on the type of DNA test you want to carry out and the hospital will handle the analysis.  On Average a DNA test costs between N70,000 to N150,000 to get a DNA test done in Nigerian hospitals. 

DNA Test Requirements 

Before you commence your DNA testing, there are a few things you should check out to ensure that the whole procedure meets DNA test criteria.

  1. Proper identification: a person who wants to undergo a DNA test must provide government-issued photo identification such as a passport, driver’s license, or state ID.
  1. DNA sample collection: DNA testing can be done using blood, saliva, cheek swabs, or other bodily fluids. The individual must provide a sample that is sufficient for testing.
  1. Consent: The individual must provide written consent for the DNA test. This consent form will typically state the purpose of the DNA test, the potential outcomes, and any risks or limitations.
  1. Payment: DNA testing can be expensive. Individuals must pay for the test in full or arrange for payment with the testing company or laboratory.
  1. Laboratory accreditation: The laboratory conducting the DNA test must have appropriate accreditation and certification to conduct DNA testing. This ensures that the test results are accurate, reliable, and legally admissible.
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Best Hospitals for DNA test in Nigeria.

Are you looking for a good or best hospital in Nigeria for your DNA test, look no more as this section of the article is dedicated to you a full list of the best hospitals in Nigeria for DNA tests. Read further to find out: 

Below is the list of the best hospitals for DNA testing in Nigeria.

  • Medbury Medical Services:  This is among the best place to do your DNA testing in Nigeria. Their office is located in Lagos. They also offer several medical services which include DNA testing. They make use of modern technology and equipment to ensure that your results are accurate.
  • Pathcare Nigeria: Recently, pathcare Nigeria is among the leading medical diagnostic center in Nigeria. You can run your DNA testing there and get your accurate result in no time.  They are known for their fast and reliable service.
  • Synlab Nigeria:  Synlab is another great medical laboratory center that can take care of your DNA testing and other medical services. They operate in both Europe and AfricThehey branch in Nigeria is the largest diagnostic laboratory in Lagos. If you are checking out options for your medical needs Synlab should make a list.
  • Clinix Healthcare: This i a reputable and trustworthy medical service provider located in the city of Lagos. Their services include DNA testing. Clinix Healthcare makes use of the latest technology and well-trained medical professionals to carry out their DNA testing.
  • DNA Centre Nigeria: This laboratory is specifically focused on rendering DNA testing services to their customers. They have a well-trained team of professionals that are dedicated to providing accurate and reliable DNA test results. They use modern technology and equipment to ensure that you get the best quality of service.
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You choose any of those DNA testing centers to carry out your analysis. As we mentioned earlier the cost varies from one center to another.

FAQs on DNA Tests in Nigeria 

How much do DNA tests cost in Nigeria?

The cost of a DNA test in Nigeria today varies from one center to another. However, The cost should be between N70,000 to N2000.

What is the best Laboratory for DNA testing in Nigeria?

Here is the list of the best hospitals where you can do your DNA testing.

  • Medbury Medical Services
  • Synlab
  • Clinix Healthcare 
  • Pathcare Nigeria
  • DNA Centre Nigeria

Why should you do a DNA test?

There are several reasons why you should do a DNA test apart from showcasing your hereditary. It can also help you to know if you have a generic disease.

How long will I have to wait for my DNA Results ? 

Generally, it doesn’t take much time, your results can be ready between 14 to 30 days after sample collection depending on the hospital or medical center.

What sample do DNA test requires?

Medical professionals only need your cell which maybe from your hair, blood, sweat.


Preparing for DNA testing can be a time-consuming exercise, however, the result is worth the stress.  DNA testing is the process of analyzing your to determine certain information such as lineage and   heredity

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