8 Best Ways To Promote Your OnlyFans Account in 2023

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Best Ways To Promote Your OnlyFans Account: Luckily, getting followers and promoting your OnlyFans account is not too difficult.

If you already have established social media accounts and are not looking to stay anonymous on OnlyFans, then promoting on your existing sites will likely bring you some ready-made fans.

If you are starting from scratch, here are the best ways to promote your OnlyFans Account:

8 Best Ways To Promote Your OnlyFans Account

I have taken my time to explain the best ways to your onlyfans account which will convert to lot of followers. And as you know, more followers you have, more money you make.

Your Own Website

Even if you just create a one page site that directs readers to your OnlyFans account, you would be wise to buy the domain for your Username so that people can find you on Google.

I get my domains from a site called

You can grab a domain for less than $10 most of the time and it is money worth spent.

If you do want to add to your website (Here’s how To Create A Website for next to no money), then you can offer free content.

You can then link to your Patreon account or ask readers to subscribe to your OnlyFans for premium videos and photos.


Most OnlyFans creators also have a YouTube account where they cross promote their content.

You can add teaser videos to YouTube and then link to your OnlyFans in the description of your videos for viewers to see your exclusive content.

Bear in mind that depending on your content (no adult material allowed), you can make money on YouTube too.

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Using Reddit to promote your OnlyFans account is a must regardless of your niche. Search reddit for subs that match the content you create and get involved.

Make sure to check the subreddit rules before posting your link as not all allow self-promotion.

If you create adult content on OnlyFans, then Reddit is a great place to get new fans and subscribers.

There are specific subreddits that are just for promoting OnlyFans accounts for adult content. (Search OnlyFans Promotion).

Here is a huge master list of lots of subreddits that are specifically for promoting adult OnlyFans accounts.

10 Tips For Promoting Your OnlyFans On Reddit

Reddit OnlyFans Promotion is time consuming but it can really pay off.

Here are my top tips for success on Reddit:

1. Make sure to add the link to your OnlyFans account in the first comment under your post. Reddit does not allow clickable links to be placed in titles and few people will take the time to copy and paste your link.

2. Offer “Reddit Exclusives” and freebies. Create a discount code for anyone who finds you via Reddit to encourage them to join your Fan page,

3. Or offer a free month subscription to entice them to join.

4. Make sure to post consistently to Reddit in order to boost your chances of being found as the subreddits move quickly.

5. Look for big subreddits (100,000 or more members) that fit your niche

6. Set a schedule to post: post every day on 5 to 10 subreddits when there’s many people online

7. Post different pics. Choosing just one post and flooding it on all subreddits on a same day will disturb your engagement and move away potential followers on reddit. Vary your posts and change things up.

8. Tailor your photos and posts specifically for each subreddit that you want to promote in. Don’t blast a generic message to tons of subreddits.

9. Try creating gifs as they really grab attention in the Reddit feed.

10. Make a post pinned on your profile that is attractive to your OnlyFans, for example: Post a short gif of a video and announce that the full video is available on your OF.  Don’t forget to comment the link!


Instagram is a lot more relaxed about content than Facebook so it is a great place to promote your OnlyFans account.

If you search for the hashtag #onlyfans, you will see over 2m posts from creators who are using Instagram for cross-promotion.

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Many of the really successful OnlyFans creators started with off with huge Instagram followings which allowed them to grow their subscription base really quickly.

You should post stories and regular Instagram posts to gain followers and then add your OnlyFans account link in your bio and direct people there in the comments of posts.

Teaser videos work really well on Instagram stories.

Mini workouts, teasers of photoshoots and collages are also great ways to promote your OnlyFans account.

Make sure to follow similar accounts and add relevant hashtags to all your posts.


If you connect your Twitter account to your OnlyFans page, all new posts will automatically sync with Twitter.

You can then retweet the automated tweets with a new picture or hashtags to boost views.

You can also post teaser clips then redirect people to your OnlyFans to see the full videos and more photos.

Here is an example of a Twitter account that points people to an OnlyFans account:

How to promote your OnlyFans on Twitter


If you are really serious about creating a brand around your OnlyFans account, you could consider podcasting.

Although podcasts can make money in their own right,  they are a great way to build a following that you then redirect to your OnlyFans page.

This works best for niches where you are aiming to show your expertise such as working out or coaching.

If you already own a podcast, then OnlyFans is perfect for cross-promotion. Below is an example of this:

how to promote your OnlyFans account


TikTok and OnlyFans really go hand in hand and you can get a lot of traction by promoting your account over there.

Create short videos on TikTok or posts teasers to longer content that is on your OnlyFans and link to it from your TikTok account.

TikTok really works well for all niches on OnlyFans including cooking, fitness, adult and beauty.


You can gain a following on SnapChat by following other influencers and cross-promoting each other’s content to your fans. This is a great way of networking with other OnlyFans influencers and can be really successful.


Again, this is for people who are using their OnlyFans to teach something such as a hobby or fitness.

Clubhouse is a new invite-only social media app based on audio.

You can host talks on any topic you like and build a following. It can be another tool in your box for cross-promoting your OnlyFans.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of frequently asked questions regarding promoting on OnlyFans. Use this as a guide to give you a good understanding of how the promotion process works. Here are the following questions:

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???? How do you get followers on OnlyFans?

One of the best ways to get followers on OnlyFans is by leveraging your social media accounts. However, it would be a good idea to hold off on doing that until you are able to grow your following on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc.

????????‍♀️ How much do girls make on OnlyFans?

You can make a good amount of money on OnlyFans. As an estimate for having 10,000 followers on OnlyFans, if one to five percent become paid subscribers at the price of $14.99 each, you can earn anywhere between $1500 to $8000 per month.

???? Can OnlyFans creators see who subscribes?

As a content creator, you won’t know exactly who follows you on the platform. You will not know their names or their identities. The only way that you may know that is when they message you and they reveal their identity themselves.

???? Can you grow your OnlyFans without promoting?

While it is possible, it might be hard to do. If you do not promote your OnlyFans, your growth will likely be slow. Sure, the promoting process can be tough, but it’s worth doing rather than nothing at all.

???? Do you need to use your real name on OnlyFans?

Whether you are creating content or promoting your OnlyFans, you do not have to use your real name. In fact, you can be able to use an assumed name if you want to be anonymous. Furthermore, you do not have to show your face in any of your OnlyFans content or in posts related to your OnlyFans page.


If you want to know where to promote your OnlyFans page, these are eight of the best ways to do it. You’ll now be able to grow your following and eventually get enough subscribers to reach your earning potential and more. Don’t forget that subscriptions are not the only way to make money.

Be sure to suggest tips each time you publish content. You can also sell digital or physical products to your fans or subscribers as well as leverage your Pay-Per-View messages. All this success can be possible if you promote your OnlyFans account on a regular basis.

Be sure to know where your potential fans and subscribers hang out so you have an easier time promoting your page. It’s better to be in front of the right people at the right time.

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