Moniepoint App download: How to Download Moniepoint App

Moniepoint App download: How to Download Moniepoint App

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We are delighted to introduce you to Moniepoint, a versatile platform that revolutionizes the way you manage your finances in Nigeria. With Moniepoint, you can conveniently perform a wide range of transactions, from downloading the app to buying airtime and data, all in one place. In this blog post, we will explore the various features of Moniepoint and guide you on how to make the most of your Moniepoint account. 

Moniepoint App download: How to Download Moniepoint App
Moniepoint App download: How to Download Moniepoint App

What Can You Do With Your Moniepoint Account?

Your Moniepoint account empowers you to effortlessly handle various financial transactions at your fingertips. Here are some key features of Moniepoint:

  • Money Transfer: With Moniepoint, you can transfer funds to friends, family, or business associates seamlessly. Whether it’s sending money to another Moniepoint user or transferring funds to bank accounts across Nigeria, the process is quick, secure, and user-friendly.
  • Bill Payments: Moniepoint allows you to conveniently pay utility bills such as electricity, water, and internet bills. You can settle these payments with just a few taps, saving you time and ensuring that your bills are always paid promptly.
  • Merchant Payments: Moniepoint makes it easy for you to patronize your favorite businesses, both online and offline. Simply scan a QR code or enter the merchant’s Moniepoint ID to initiate the payment. It’s a seamless and cashless experience.
  • Cash Withdrawals: Need cash? Moniepoint has an extensive network of agents across Nigeria, making it convenient for you to withdraw money at your nearest Moniepoint agent location. No more long queues at the bank.
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How to Download Moniepoint From Third-Party Websites

To download Moniepoint from a third-party website, follow these steps:

  • Visit a trusted third-party website that offers the Moniepoint download.
  • Click on the download button to initiate the download of the Moniepoint APK file.
  • Once the download is complete, locate the file on your device.
  • Before installing the app, ensure that your device allows installations from unknown sources. You can enable this feature in your device settings under “Security” or “App Installations”.
  • Tap on the Moniepoint APK file to begin the installation process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Once installed, open the Moniepoint app and sign in or create a new account to start using the platform.

Please note that downloading and installing apps from third-party websites may pose security risks. It is always recommended to download apps from official app stores whenever possible.

How to Download Moniepoint From Google Play Store

Downloading Moniepoint from the Google Play Store is a safe and straightforward process. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • In the search bar, type “Moniepoint” and tap the search icon.
  • From the search results, select the official Moniepoint app.
  • Tap the “Install” button to begin the download and installation process.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the Moniepoint app.
  • Sign in or create a new account to access all the features and functionalities of Moniepoint.
  • Downloading Moniepoint from the official Google Play Store ensures that you get the latest version of the app, along with regular updates and enhanced security features.
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How to Download Moniepoint From Apple Store

If you have an iOS device, you can download Moniepoint from the Apple Store by following these steps:

  • Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  • In the search bar, enter “Moniepoint” and tap the search icon.
  • From the search results, select the official Moniepoint app.
  • Tap the “Get” button next to the app to start the download and installation process.
  • If prompted, enter your Apple ID password or use Touch ID/Face ID to authorize the download.
  • Once the app is installed, locate the Moniepoint icon on your home screen and open it.
  • Sign in or create a new account to begin using Moniepoint on your iOS device.

By downloading Moniepoint from the Apple Store, you can be assured of a secure and optimized app experience tailored for your iOS device.

How to Buy Airtime and Data From Moniepoint (Nigeria)

Moniepoint allows you to conveniently purchase airtime and data for your mobile phone or broadband device. Simply follow these steps:

  • Open the Moniepoint app on your device and log in to your account.
  • On the dashboard, locate the “Buy Airtime” or “Buy Data” option.
  • Select your mobile network operator from the provided list.
  • Choose the denomination and quantity of airtime or data you wish to purchase.
  • Review the transaction details and confirm your purchase.
  • Enter your Moniepoint PIN or provide any additional authentication required.
  • Once the transaction is successful, you will receive a confirmation message, and your airtime or data will be credited to your mobile device.
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With Moniepoint, you can easily recharge your phone or data plan on the go, ensuring uninterrupted communication and internet access.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is Moniepoint safe and secure?

Yes, Moniepoint prioritizes the security of your financial transactions. The platform utilizes advanced encryption and security protocols to safeguard your personal and financial information.

Can I use Moniepoint on multiple devices?

Yes, you can download and log in to your Moniepoint account on multiple devices simultaneously, ensuring accessibility and convenience.

Are there any fees or charges for using Moniepoint?

Moniepoint provides its services with minimal fees, ensuring cost-effectiveness and affordability for its users. However, specific transaction fees may apply depending on the nature of the transaction.


Moniepoint offers an intuitive and efficient solution for managing your finances in Nigeria. From convenient money transfers to seamless bill payments and airtime/data purchases, Moniepoint simplifies your financial transactions with ease and security. Download the app today and experience the convenience first-hand. Make your financial life easier with Moniepoint. 

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