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5 Best Crypto Signal Simulator (2023 Free Guide)

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Good day guys, apologies for the long break from writing crypto articles but today, I’m back with another mind-blowing article, “the best crypto signal simulator for 2023”.

If you are an experienced crypto expert or novice like me, you have come to the right place. This article is based on my review of a similar article written by the popular website: ”bulliscoming” on this same topic. Let’s start by defining a few key terms.

Some Crypto Terms Definition

Crypto: in this article crypto will stand for a short form of cryptocurrency.

Signal: signal as used in this article stands for signs or prediction or even analytics.

Simulator: simulator simply means something that helps you to simulate something i.e. make something look as if it was real.

Like almost everything in the crypto industry, it is very important to gain adequate knowledge before you start investing.

I will help you pick out the best crypto signal simulators so that you can avoid the fraudulent ones. I will also be explaining how each of them work, their prices and so on. So seat tight and let’s go….

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What Are Crypto Signal Simulators?

Crypto signal simulators are tools that helps predict the future of a crypto currency. It’s no longer news that crypto currencies are very unpredictable. You can invest thinking the price will raise and at the end of the day the price ends up dropping.

With the help of crypto signal simulators, you can now invest with a certain degree of assurance that crypto signal simulators give you. This will go a long way in helping investors and traders.

Five (5) Best Crypto Signal Simulators In 2023

Signals Blue

Signal Blue crypto gives more than just signals. They give users access to information that lets users change their definition of the crypto signals service. The team behind Signals Blue has full experience in different trading areas and have been working with other professional traders for several years now.

Signals Blue
Signals Blue

Things to note about Signals Blue:

  • It has been under development for years
  • It was founded by two people: Amanda and Tom
  • Amanda and Tom have previously worked with the national association of security dealers and automated dealers (NASDAQ), New York stoke exchange (NYSE) and Chicago mercantile exchange (CME).
  • Signal blue is still in its beta testing phase with a very few clientele base
  • Anonymous users give it a high rating.


ProfitFarmers is a semi-automated trading platform that combines high win-rate signals with copy-trading and advanced trading tools to automate trading tasks. Their system creates a signal, then users copy the signal, adjust their plan, and enable trading features such as a break-even stop-loss.

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Things to note about ProfitFarmers:

  • They specialize in bitcoin trading.
  • It allows you to practice its simulation without using your real money, so that you are not taking any risks.
  • It has three packages highlighted below:

Basic packages: this costs $50 dollars per month

Pro packages: this costs about $140 dollars per month

Elite packages: this costs about $350 dollars per month

Universal Crypto Signals

Universal Crypto Signals provide time-to-time analysis for the Bitcoin and Crypto market which are most precise, also their regularly updated support and resistance of Bitcoin as well as analysis has proven to be accurate and perfect most of the times. They provide much educational content for their users. Universal Crypto Signals specialty includes Gem calls which give their users a very good profit in midterm holding.

Things to note about Universal Crypto Signals:

  • They are a good source of news, education and trading signals for crypto currencies.
  • They provide all the necessary resources you need in your crypto trading journey
  • They boast of an algorithm that tells you the right time to sell and the right time to buy your crypto currencies.


TradingView is a charting platform that provides price feed from almost every financial market, such as stock, commodities, crypto, forex, etc. With its friendly UI and simple UX, TradingView received thousands of favorable reviews from traders, investors or even large organizations. 

Tradingview is a place where traders, investors, educators, and market enthusiasts can connect to share ideas and talk about the market. By actively participating in community engagement and conversation, you can accelerate your growth as a trader.

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Things to note about TradingView:

  • It is great for starters.
  • Its free to use
  • It gives you complete anonymity
  • It does not require any downloads
  • They offer real time updates on exchange rates
  • It has limited features compared to other paid simulators.


Tickeron works as a coordinated quant-sourced marketplace that offers both investing and trading services to its users. The users can be both traders and service providers. The idea behind the project was to build a platform that utilizes both AI and human intelligence to provide exceptional advisory services.


Things to note about Tickeron:

  • You don’t need to use your real money
  • It’s basically risk free
  • There are no trading fees
  • No need for deposits
  • It is simple to use

Benefits Of Crypto Signal Simulators

Here are the 4 benefits of crypto signal simulators:

  1. Crypto signal simulators can help you make wise and informed choices so that you do not go around guessing.
  2. Crypto signal simulators keep up with all the latest crypto currency trends and news that we may be too busy to catch up with.
  3. Most crypto signal simulators are up to 85 percent accurate, so they can be classified as a trusted source.
  4. Lastly crypto signal simulators also save you the cost of hiring a crypto currency expert. 


In this article, I defined what crypto signal simulators are, the 5 best crypto signal simulators in 2023 and the things you need to note about them.

Before you use any crypto signal simulator, be sure to check with current market realities.

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